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Giving sad girls some love, this has been a rough time me. Just been vibin around on here with my girls cause they remind me that I need to not give my heart easily to anyone or else these pics will happen. The little sun will come out again soon enough. Who will make the sun come up?

Keeping it short. Well.. for me. For now. Ppl drive me crazy, jebus, can you just be decent human beings? If you respond please have at least a head shot pic with first message.

TLTR: if you’re just trying to get a quick overview. I’m 45, 5’4, mixed Mexican American , in a bit of a sticky married home situation atm working on it but may take roughly around 6 months (to get it to where I can divorce) so we would have to start online, looking for a strong and fit, but understanding mix of Daddy and Dom, I have a strong need to be possessed but not abused, I try to work out 3+/wk, super sensitive and submissive, looking for LTR , 24/7 and once literally together want monogamous, while I cannot breed/make babies ( I DO NOT want to), I do tend to like younger doms but older doms have their pros too so they will not be overlooked, I have some physical limitations, love anime, no cigarettes, DDF, oh and I crave attention from my Dom to be. Like a lot.

For those that seem to be legit trying to create something between us, you may get sun’s special mini novel! Well it will give a lot more details into what I want and need. Used to be my profile info but it was long and for ppl who were just skimming through, too long to read ?

Please, if you see anything on here that you don’t/won’t jive with. Walk away. Just walk away. If you have any problems and you just read this, just don’t. In no mood for that bs.
BDSM and me
It’s. Complicated. Also, I DO NOT WANT TO BE A SLAVE. I go in for sub, and then it’s like wow, you would make an excellent slave. No I don’t wanna.
Ask and I will send you a doc that has them
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Trying not to make an ass out myself when I fumble through telling people I don’t feel that connection. No, I’m not jaded at all... ok, maybe a littl lol, but I’m still open for the right approach. I’ll check in every couple days.
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