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Hello there. I am active here when I can be and very picky about who I chat with. You've been warned!

I am 24 years old and Seattle based. At this point, I'm looking for people to talk with whom actually have experience in the community irl. Please understand my hesitance as I explore-- it comes from a place of self-preservation and not disrespect.

I am sexually submissive, and have had a sampling of experiences with ropes, dungeons, munches, etc in real life. I plan to have more.

With that in mind: I come here looking for people to steer me towards good connections/communities and to get advice from their past experiences. I take this all very seriously. It is an important part of who I am....triflers need not apply. #ssdgm

Thank you for your support and encouragement,

Ivy xx
BDSM and me
Bondage- after a few workshops and experiences being tied: I am 100% a rope bunny. It's almost a spiritual experience for me. I wrote a blog about it if you're interested :) Dominance/submission- respect me and my limits or I won't give you the time of day. Get to know me as a person, try my submissive side on for size, and see if you are still interested. I will do my best to be clear about what I want and need, but please be patient with my caution & hesitancy. Thirsty AF but still concerned about my safety and privacy x Sadistic/Masochistic tendencies- I like the idea of pain, but it's difficult to gauge how much without much real experience.
Softly curious- Enemassss?? Hard- Bloodplay Toiletplay AB/DL Fuckbois
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Went to my first Munch xx was so worth it.<br />Anal!! (Update 19.10.18: anal orgasms.... Just... Wow...) Dd/lg (learning something new every day!) Subspace!! (It's heaven!) Subdrop!! (It sucks!) Women (not as kink lol) Send words, not nudes xx
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Sunday, July 28, 2019
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