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I am a mature brown skinned woman. Short in height, thick all around. I am not looking for anyone under the age of 50 give or take to contact me. I live in Florida, so if you do not, We can exchange tips or advise but don't expect much else. I am a hygiene freak and disease gives me hives just thinking of it. I have a life that never mixes with lifestyle, so respect it. I am a submissive by nature when with a male but aggressive with a female. oh did I forget to mention I am bi-sexual? I wont give my age so don't ask. It's irrelevant if we haven't met, but I respect if it matters to you, you are just not my kind of person. A title, self imposed, means crap to me, don't ask me to call you Sir and we haven't even met.

A small update of definition. When I say aggressive with females, let me clarify. Aggressive may have given the wrong impression. I don't mean I look to Domme a female, I simply do not have to be convinced to pleasure them or expect them to return the favor. In other words I am not curious, I already know, so if involved with a Dom who requests that sort of dynamic, it's not a big stretch. However it is not a given either, so don't start salivating yet. smile
BDSM and me
not into heavy abuse, physically or emotionally but I have learned I do need limited access to it, but that is for honest private discussion, your idea of limited and mine may be different or the same. Don't lie. I hate lying. It is unnecessary because I really don't care what you do for a living, who you are sleeping with, if you are new, old or turned left when you meant to go right. Don't lie.
I have a few, need to test out a few, and a few absolutely not, again it is down to personal communication. Besides the routine, not into ... yada yada, yada. I hate liars, fools, pretenders, or those who can not or will not, invite me to their home. Other limits? men who think their penis is enough
What's new
update time: I have learned the joy of a red ass and sore nipples, however, not the scars from uncontrolled or ignorant ones who hold the tools. Learn your craft and self control. I don't appreciate the thrill of being close to death. At my age I am close enough without your help, so keep your electric zaps, your choking hands, your careless hits that damage nerves or vital organs. SOME knowledge of anatomy is important if you care about your sub.
I will not be your contingency plan. Regardless of who you date, play or how many, If you cant see me and make me feel beautiful, please move on. I don't need help masturbating, and that's what you'd be providing if you don't enjoy all of me. Nor I you. I was well trained, so I understand more than you think. At this point it is just semantics. Be better No doubt not the best profile and not even close to inviting lol, but like I said, I hate Liars, so I try hard not to be one.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2022
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Friday, October 29, 2021
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