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Erotica & Confessions

Share your original writings with THE CAGE Community! Add your erotica, confessions, fantasies, & stories to “Erotica & Confessions”.

The Cage Continues / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee continues to watch within her cage finding her own situation frustrating.

Rough Day Daddy? / Beeker

Baby girl helps Daddy relax after his rough day.

Picnic in the Park / CharBunny​(sub female)

A picnic in the park turns into a public play session.

The Box Turned Cage / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee is shown a way from a different view point.

The Box Part 3 / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee finds herself who knows where being shown yet another box. One of a different nature.

The Tale of Two Kinksters / markflaire​(dom male)

A summary of one of my latest sub session encounters.

The Box Punishent and Denial / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee gets a taste that actions have consequences

The Box Part 2 / Coltic​(dom male)

FeeFee's continuing learn about a box delivered to her job.

The Box / Coltic​(dom male)

A surprise at work leading to mystery and excitement

Good Morning / LoreleiTwenty​(sub female)

How I like to wake up my Lover. What’s your favourite? First, Second, or Third?

My first spanking (true story) / spankedbrat​(sub male)

I get my bottom paddled by a stranger.

Subs reward / JeZZiKa​(sub female){{Not looki}

A reward of her submission, a dominate takes a flash moment into her pleasing Him for a time, within His limits...such fun it was!

Power exchange / JeZZiKa​(sub female){{Not looki}

A bit of thoughts on a perspective of power exchange in a dynamic.