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Erotica & Confessions

Share your original writings with THE CAGE Community! Add your erotica, confessions, fantasies, & stories to “Erotica & Confessions”.

The Wolf (mild/mod primal)

Her first romp in the woods, not realizing a Wolf was waiting...

The Office Party Part 3

Anna becomes curious and awakened, she gets a taste of what's to come.

The Office Party. Pt 2

The awakening of Anna has Danny wondering where this journey will take them both, when he sees a new side of Anna he hadn't expected.

The Office Party. Pt 1

Danny never imagined his day would end up like this, he wonders where will this end.

Ashes to beauty

A young woman meets herself

The Sand Shoot

The story of a photo shoot with a lovely subject and another journey of discovery Different Ashley this time LOL

The Journey Begins

Becoming committed

CAPTURED: A Stranger In My Own Skin

A Dancer captured for Sale; under Contract for Freelance Personal Assistant

Office slut

She was plain, demure, and chubby. But he figured out her special gift.

The Awakening

A story of women subjected to being sold as slaves for affluent clients

The Lightest Touch

With the lightest touch, you can feel so much.


What happens when online exploration becomes in-person play.

Watching is the game

What happens on the bus when your going to work...

Pancakes and Paddles

An erotica detailing a morning spent with my submissive.

50 Shades of Passion

An erotica detailing the first in-person encounter of a new dynamic...

The hunt of FeeFee

It been a wild time for FeeFee. A little game of cat and mouse let's her finally be herself.

The Wind Blows

The erotic feelings of a young woman.

The fishing Trip

A fantasy story about a woman's desire

Italian and Ashley a story from the Ettienne Diaries

From the Ettienne diaries, some are fiction, some fact…

Please Sir

A snapshot of a sub eager to please her Sir.

The Box part 8

FeeFee learns what her body has been telling her. The masked man showing her new pleasures is now the hunter of a more wilder prey.


Saturday morning I woke up to pounding at my patio door....

The Box Punishent and Denial

FeeFee learns a little more about what she wants while giving in to her desires.

Lonely and bored

Susie was lonely and bored on her sofa not knowing what she could do...

Rough Day, Daddy? Part 2

Baby girl continues to make Daddy’s day better.