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By CAGE Staff​(staff)     August 17, 2023

Welcome to THE CAGE BDSM Community! Whether you're new to the world of BDSM or are an experienced practictioner, we're here to help you discover new pleasures, explore yourself, and find your way around THE CAGE BDSM Community. We think you'll find this guide useful and informative.

Entering a new community or simply delving into BDSM for the first time can be overwhelming. That's why we have compiled this resource filled with valuable information about kink, fetish, safety, online and offline interactions, and everything you need to know about THE CAGE Community itself.

Consider this guide your go-to reference, packed with useful information at your fingertips.

To begin, we recommend starting with these introductory articles. They lay the foundation for interacting within a BDSM community, both online and in person.

BDSM 101

Learn what BDSM is, why people enjoy it, and understand basic terms like Dominant, Top, Bottom, and Submissive.

THE CAGE Rules & Tips

Here we tell you the rules for THE CAGE and also share etiquette tips for kink focused communities online and off.

BDSM 101: Consent

Consent is crucial in kink communities, even in the most casual interactions. Understand what consent entails, how to give it, and what questions to ask to ensure informed consent.

BDSM 101: Keeping Safe

Learn about kink safety, whether you're engaging online, in-person, or meeting someone new. Familiarize yourself with terms like safe word, SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual), and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink).

BDSM Safety Frameworks

It's important to be aware of safety frameworks in BDSM. We encourage adopting a BDSM safety framework to ensure a better experience with reduced risks. This article explains the importance of safety and how to reduce risks.

For those exclusively involved in online play, we highly recommend reading this additional article:

How to Stay Safe in the Online BDSM Community

If you're looking for partners, we have guides for both online and in-person play:

BDSM 101: How to Find Partners for Online Play

BDSM 101: How to Find Partners for In-Person Play

More Reading

To delve deeper into BDSM and related topics, we provide a range of additional articles such as:

Drop & Aftercare

Gain insight into managing emotional and physical aftereffects.

Guilt, Shame, & BDSM

Explore the intersection of emotions and BDSM practices.

BDSM Checklist: What's the Point?

Understand the purpose and benefits of using a BDSM checklist.

How to Find a Mistress

Discover helpful tips for locating a compatible Mistress.

Dominant's Discussion: Let's Talk about Rules

Engage in a conversation about establishing and navigating rules as a Dominant.

Punishments vs Funishments

Differentiate between punishments and funishments in BDSM dynamics.

When a Boundary is Crossed in your D/s Dynamic

Learn how to handle and address boundary violations within a Dominant/submissive relationship.

An Introduction to Self-Bondage

Explore the practice of self-bondage and its considerations.

We continually update our comprehensive guides in THE CAGE Magazine. Be sure to check regularly for new content and insights.

More Useful Information

BDSM Glossary

To enhance your understanding of the kink community, we have compiled a brief glossary for easy reference. Look up unfamiliar terms to better comprehend discussions within the community.

Suggested Reading

Discover our carefully curated list of suggested books on BDSM, relationship dynamics, impact play, bondage, femdom, and other relevant topics.


Explore a collection of valuable community and educational resources that will provide support throughout your journey.

BDSM Bites

Check out our engaging and informative BDSM Bites videos. These short videos cover a variety of kink-related topics.

THE CAGE Podcast Feed

Delve into our selection of kink and sex-positive podcasts, carefully curated for your enjoyment.


If you have any questions or need guidance regarding THE CAGE, refer to our Help section for answers to common queries.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at We're here to help.

We hope you find this comprehensive guide helpful as you navigate THE CAGE BDSM Community and enrich your experiences. Enjoy your exploration and stay safe!

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