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Hello, I'm a average build, non-binary xxy with gray short haired and blue eyes. Im submissive and have been in the lifestyle(bdsm) sine 2011,I'm into the sensual passionate type. I'm seeking Mistress/Master here to explore all of my boundaries. to be her and his  blank canvas to shape and paint to their desires, please contact me if i seem like a fit. All other friend contacts may contact me directly! P.S. I love it here ?
BDSM and me
I've been in and out of the life style in a mild manner, as I gotten older my feelings to explore have gotten stronger!
Scat, needle,markings, blackmail, rest I think I would explore!
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In service to: seeking

my oath to: ?

i kneel before Your throne in total submission and surrender. i acknowledge Your absolute supremacy as a Woman and Your right to own and use this male sub for Your comfort, amusement and pleasure. You have placed me in service as your plaything, toy, pet and Your property, Your prisoner and Your slave. You may lock me in chastity and will be the sole key holder of my manhood.
You control my body, You dominate my mind, You rule my soul. Resistance to Your will is futile. Escape from Your absolute power is impossible. The ever-present threat of Your whip keeps me in a permanent state of fear and awe of You.
Therefore, Supreme ?, i bow to the inevitability of my total slavery to You. (lies flat, face down, arms and legs spread wide) Now, as a lie totally prostrate before Your Majesty, i pledge to You what is already Yours by the right of conquest and of Female Supremacy, and give You this my solemn and sacred oath, that
I will serve You alone (kiss boot),
that I will obey Your every command without hesitation or question (kiss boot), that i will worship only You as my Ruler and my Miss (kiss boot).
i live and breathe only through Your mercy, and the sole purpose of my existence is to suffer and serve for Your pleasure.
This is my solemn and irrevocable oath of lifelong submission, from which You alone, my Miss, can release me.
(slave turns onto his back in transverse doormat position and Miss places one boot on his manhood and one boot on his face).

Your Devoted plaything.... subedward
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Nov 27, 2022
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Nov 11, 2021
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