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From THE CAGE Staff

BDSM 101: How to Find Partners for In-Person Play / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Inspiration, safety tips, and other practical information for finding real time play partners

BDSM 101: How to Find Partners for Online Play / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Inspiration, safety tips, and other practical information for finding online play partners

BDSM 101: Keeping Safe / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Learn how to protect yourself while adventuring out into the world of BDSM

BDSM 101 / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Curious about kink and BDSM? You've found yourself in the right place

Punishments vs Funishments / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's the difference and how does it all work? We'll explain

What is BDSM? / CAGE Staff​(staff)

There are more answers to this straightforward query than most people know what to do with – including some answers that are downright confusing or intimidating

Let's get you started / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Here’s some handy information for both the BDSM novice and experienced practitioner

Humiliation / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Exciting, fun, yet fraught with potential pitfalls: here's how humiliation as a kink works

What is SSC all about? / CAGE Staff​(staff)

The three words we want to remember in this case are Safe, Sane and Consensual

The importance of safewords / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Giving each person involved in a scene the ability to stop it if they need to is an essential part of safe, consensual play

Some Tips For Polite Conduct On THE CAGE / Villanelle​(staff)

A few tips about how to politely conduct yourself in THE CAGE community

How to Stay Safe in the Online BDSM Community / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Suggestions on how to engage in personal relationships online or long distance

Dip Your Toe into Foot Fetishism / CAGE Staff​(staff)

What's underneath the fetishization of feet? We'll explain

Primal Play / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Curious about Primal Play? We break it down

An Introduction to Self Bondage / CAGE Staff​(staff)

6 Beginner-Friendly Ways to Experience Bondage On Your Own

Drop & Aftercare / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Taking Care of Ourselves and our Partners After Play

Spanking 101 / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Let's get spanking!

Cuckolding Demystified / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to this fascinating fetish

Let's Talk About Ageplay / CAGE Staff​(staff)

An introduction to the world of littles & ageplay

Thoughts On BDSM & Sex / CAGE Staff​(staff)

Thoughts on the complicated relationship between BDSM & Sex

Your Privacy & THE CAGE / Villanelle​(staff)

Your privacy and THE CAGE