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I'm ready to push my limits......who wants to help me with that?
What sexy, strong, woman wants to turn me into a quivering heap of submission and devotion? Come on then, I'm soooo ready to have you try.
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New and willing to learn. Online for now
I’m a 32 year old bicurious. I am looking for someone who can teach and be patient with me since I am new. I am in a relationship but they are not willing to try this lifestyle and it’s something I’m craving. I want to start online first since I am learning. I also would love a dom who would not just stop talking to me with no notice.
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Sub female needs Pussy licked by dom female
Wanting to meet the right sweet girl who can give me sensations that I need.
Must be attractive and skinny like me.
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Bitchydoll looking for her Woman Dom
Please come and teach me how to behave. I just need a Mistress to show all things good and bad.
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Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.
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Take a chance on me!
I am fairly new to the BDSM scene and within the past year I have found a Daddy Dom who has helped me discover my "little" identity and has fueled my heterosexual curiosities. Together we have great plans to build a safe haven for those like me to indulge in our fantasies while living life. During this process my Daddy is searching for a "sister" for me to start with. However, there are more desires that I have from my sub identity that have remained unfulfilled because I crave the dominance of a strong, intelligent, level headed woman. That is just something my Daddy cannot do for me. I have never been with a woman physically and just know that if I start with the psychological aspect of D/s first, it will only fuel my eagerness to jump the physical hurdle easier. I understand its a lot to ask of a Domme to work with a sub who already has a Dom. I live with my boyfriend/Daddy and share everything with him. He is aware of my quest and has approved of my search. I am hoping to meet a woman who has the ability to not only work outside the box - but see that sometimes there is no box at all!
I only ask that you be no younger than 38. In my dreams we ALL live happily ever after but for now....I out myself out here in hopes of finding you first.
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Young sub Seeking Caring Domme
Hello! My name is Finley, I'm a 19 year old college student. I'm looking for an aggressive yet caring domme to train me into an obedient, good girl.

My Limits Include: Scat, watersports, drugs, & children

My Likes Include: Pain, humiliation, bondage, Daddy/Mommy doms, threesomes, exhibitionism, attention, edging, degradation, spanking, & pleasing my Mistress

Message me if you're interested, I'd love to get to know you better!
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Shy Bisexual Sub
I am 35 shy and kinda new to this. I am looking for someone who just isn't going to stop talking to me with no notice. I am pretty laid back. Looking for online to start possible live I or near each other later down the line. I'm in school and work a full time job so I need a patient Domme that can be flexible with this.
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Naughty sub in need if training and discipline
Big titted naughty sub needs to be put in her place by an older dominant male who knows how to train and discipline. Ready to observe submissive positions and do as I am told.
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Little sub best lil princess you can have
I’m loooking for my dom my mommy the one who will understand me in little space and dominate me in bed and explore with me. Va for ever
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Control Me
I'm looking for my dream dom. Please be tall, attractive, educated, professional and a sens of humour.
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New to this want to learn
I’m a bi female who is for now a Pillow Princess want to explore kinky side but not sure if I am a sub or dim. Can do online or in person if local. Looking for a female only! Clean and disease free. As I mentioned new to this but would love to learn. Please message me...
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Brat looking for a strict domme
I am interested in finding a strict Domme who can handle my bratty ass. I love being spanked and forced to eat pussy. I love facesitting and being dominated. Online only for now but maybe in real life one day. Limits are nothing illegal, no scat, no bestiality, and a few others.
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Looking for a Dom Female
I’m a 18 year old naturally submissive female and looking for a female to dominate me. Must be a online relationship. If you are interested please check out my profile and message me!
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New to this
Hi I’m completely new to this but I really want to give this a shot. I can only do online at the moment because I am still in college. If you’re interested please message me!
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I need a caregiver/dom
I’ve recently started experimenting with this and the one who exposed me to bdsm just left me and so i’m a bit of an emotional human right now ?I am a sub/little and I would love to be cared for by a female dom ?

I can only do online relationships for right now and i’d like to keep it private.

As a sub/little, i do have a lot of issues, i need you to be able to check up on me and make sure i’m okay and that my mental health is okay and healthy and in the right headspace.

I am okay with most things but you will have to have patience because I am self-conscious and shy, but i do love being bossed around and told what to do.

ummm anything else just message me about ?
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Sub Woman looking for the right dom
Hi! I'm looking for a dom, either female or male, preferably 35 or under, and I can't connect with people older than that. I love the feeling of being dominated and punished, but I never really could find the right person for me, I guess. Looking for online, no IRL. Could be willing to fulfill daily tasks, wear a collar, etc.

Not comfortable sending nudes or being on cam unless you are too...

I'm french so please forgive my english mistakes <3

I'm looking forward to get to know you!!
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Sub seeking female Dom
I am 19 years old from Sheffield. I am looking for a female dom that will tease me until I am a whiny mess and make me feel like their princess.
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bratty little girl for strict and loving domme
hi, i'm sophie. i am in dc, usa. i am built like the little teapot. i have anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder — these make me very shy, but with those i feel comfortable with i am quite bubbly and outgoing. i am in college, majoring in creative writing. i am a twenty-four year old submissive little — i like to sub, but my main kink is sexual ageplay (mdlg/cgl/etc). i am looking for an online play partner with the potential to expand further as our relationship grows.

my likes: bladder control, forced regression, verbal humiliation/degradation, tasks and homework, tease & denial, being talked down to like a little girl, spanking, anal play, writing reports

my dislikes: edging, figging, posing, insertion, watersports

my limits: identification, family, scat, blood, sharps, fire

feel free to check out my profile and reach out — i'd love to chat!

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in need for a nice caregiver
strictly online only
i'm a young sub who's into cgl, and i'm very obedient. dm if interested, and we can compromise on further details! <3
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