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Sub seeking Domme in Scotland
I am looking for a female Domme to serve. Must live in Scotland.

Not a lifestyle or relationship, just a one off experience which if it suits us both could be a regular arrangement. I am eager and willing to serve, good at following orders, keen to learn and follow your lead. I long to worship the body of a mistress and would do everything possible to make you happy. Please get in touch for more info about me if interested...
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MDLG little looking for a mommy
Hi! I’m a little girl looking for a mommy. I’m a poly romantic woman and I would love to meet someone who can handle me. I have ADHD and I’m constantly wired. I’m also in Ohio so EST is preferred. I would like to have a platonic relationship with the person of choice for awhile before starting anything!
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Switch looking for mentor and Domme
I am a switch bi-sexual. I am happily married and want to better please my husband by learning to be a Domme. My preferred position is a submissive and am also looking for a Female Dom to help further train and push me. I have some experience in D/s with male dom but wanting to find a connection with a female Dom. If agreeable it would start as chat and online only, depending on area meet IRL is possible.
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Looking for a loving Mistress
Hello everyone, my 'name' is Rion, and I'm gonna post my little ad here.

First, I'm serious about this personal ad. I don't like playing stupid emotional games, I don't mind flirting, but do not toy with me. I may be a sumbissive, but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of me, or try to manipulate me. :)

Read that? Ok good. Let's get on with it.

I'm looking for a biologically female Mistress. Loving, caring, firm, understanding, engaging, and likes dogs. :)

Mistress should be English speaking, preferably taller than 5'5" (I'm short lol) and a generally healthy weight. (I'm not skinny but I'm not huge either)

I'm PM friendly, I like asking questions to get to know you, and you should also be asking me questions too. Ask me anything, I'm pretty open and will answer just about any question you throw at me.

Also read my profile, there's quite a bit of info there. :)

Thank you for reading all of this, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Seeking Seattle area dominant
Are there any intelligent dominant men out there in my area? (Age 25-38) Or someone willing to fly into my area to meet. Not interested in only online sub/dom relationship.
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Seeking a sadistic Mistress
Hi Im Stacy Im seeking a very sadistic Mistress for longterm! I will relocate to anywhere in the continental U.S
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Missouri little wanting a female FWB
Ddlg couple seeking lady friend with benefits
My daddy and I are looking for a woman to become friends with and then if it happens and all are agreeable with it then for me to be able to play with her with daddy watching. He will not touch her...just watch and maybe play with me at the same time! I would rather get to know you before anything though! We could go out as a group and chat and everything...if anyone is interested please add and message me!
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Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.
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Looking for Mistress
Hello. I am looking for a Mistress for myself (or a switch). I am a new sub that would like to have a Mistress control me and teach me. Preferably one that would let my husband watch and possibly join in the fun as well. I am into choking, spanking, edging, bondage, breast and nipple play, public play, use of toys, other kinks that can be discussed upon...limits can also be discussed. Looking for something casual but could also be a regular thing if you are the right person. We are both in our mid 20s would prefer someone reasonably close to same age. Any questions please let me know. If you are in the central Ohio area (or visit often) please control me. Punish me when I'm a naughty girl. Teach me how to better serve my Mistress and my husband.
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Kitten slave needs a Mistress
Has alot of knowledge of BDSM but looking to be trained by a femme mistress. Online first will into do whatever u say. Likes to be a brat and needs spanks and more no limits for except skat and water play. If u talk to me for a while and meet me in person you might get a surprise. I need a strict but loving mistress that can be a mommy from time to time.
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New to this.
Searching for a dominant female who knows what she is doing. I am relatively new to this and would like to be able to talk first and possibly meet if it goes that direction. I tend be attracted to the the more tomboy/butch type or someone who hold themself with dignity. I don't find cocky arragonce attractive. I am not into the idea of being anyones brat or slut.
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It's Not Just About Play or Sexual Frisson For Me, It Shouldn't Be For You Either...
Hi I'm a UK based submissive, looking for a Dom or Domme - it's not about gender, or age (though I do prefer 40s or older), or any other notional BS, it's about connection / trust. I'm in my mid-thirties, and quite overweight at the moment (I'm working on this). I can be needy, and am always available on messenger services etc... I'm very intelligent - I'm not the type to respond to degrading names in a first message here. For 10 years, I belonged to a Master, 24/7 TPE for a significant part of that. That relationship went south, and I married a wonderful vanilla man. He is not into the things I now realise that I need. I want to be discreet, but equally, I struggle to see how I can get away from this yearning. The thing I enjoy most is serving and doing as I'm told: I don't see this as play, it's much deeper than that for me. If it was just sexual stuff / play, I'd be able to live without it. I'm finding I cannot. Other activities that suit me most are humiliation... (tho I'm the kinda woman who is more humiliated by having to say positive things about myself, than by the pig / slut / cumbucket type stuff)... I love being flogged... I'm not hugely fond of orgasming as I find it kinda embarrassing unless I'm on my own haha, so humiliation around that is good - as is orgasm denial. Being 'talked at' is a bit of a kink for me - I'm used to being able to talk / get my own way, so being forced into a submissive position just thro someone's speaking to me is hugely powerful. I'd like to start off chatting online for a while, before sharing a photo - if you're the kind who is desperate for a photo, I'm probably not going to be for you. I believe appearances mean ZERO in BDSM relationship. That's just my opinion. Eventually, I'd like to progress to phone call / video chat. I don't rule out in person, but given my marital circumstances, it's not likely at this stage. Look forward to hearing from you!
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Im ready to submit Mistress
Hi. Im 36 and love being the sexual being that i am.
Im new to this lifestyle and I have not actually chose a role yet but I've been submissive before with boyfriends and so I figure I'd just start with that. I want to explore the world of bdsm and search for what I am. I'd like a Mistress that's gonna be good at training a hard headed sub with a mouth of a sailor because that's what I am. I want to experience it all. Want to eventually have a sub of my own one day so I need a really great mistress. I look forward to get this.
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Looking for a teacher

I go by the name Rose or Rosie in the BDSM world, but you can call me what every you see fit.

I’m in a committed relationship with my master/ fiancé and we both want to explore the BDSM world more.

I am new to the world of Dommes and have never been with another woman before. However! I love the female body and would like to be able to service a domme when she walks into my life.

So I am looking for a teacher, someone who can show me the ropes. ;)
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Looking for proxy
Sub woman looking for a Domme who is willing to be a proxy for her Master. Master Brad is wanting a Domme to be his proxy under his guidance to train his slave in Real Time. Must be in Jacksonville, FL area or NE FL, or travel to the area occasionally. Must be interviewed by my Master first. I shall have no contact with you until he approves. If interested please contact BradOne by message here on TheCage.
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Looking for a Domme/Mistress (18/F)
After having male doms in the past I am actively looking for a female dominant to belong to. I am a university student looking for an online relationship. My likes and such can definitely be discussed. Feel free to shoot me a message.
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26F sub/middle I'm looking for a serious Dom Male
I like being praised. It's what motivates me to be better. All I really know is I am a submissive who enjoys being embarrassed. Which is easy. I am really new to this so that's all i can tell you. Looking at online only at first till trust is established. I have a daughter so if that's not your thing that's cool but don't waste my time.

If you wanna help me explore what I like and maybe become my daddy hit me up ;)
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I'm new to this
I really want to experience being a sub with a real dom. Not just a boyfriend that's trying it out.
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Young sub Seeking Caring Domme
Hello! My name is Finley, I'm a 19 year old college student. I'm looking for an aggressive yet caring domme to train me into an obedient, good girl.

My Limits Include: Scat, watersports, drugs, & children

My Likes Include: Pain, humiliation, bondage, Daddy/Mommy doms, threesomes, exhibitionism, attention, edging, degradation, spanking, & pleasing my Mistress

Message me if you're interested, I'd love to get to know you better!
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Seeking Domme for play, discipline and fun.
I am a female submissive looking for a Domme for long term D/s. I am married and my husband is aware and ok with my having a Domme. We do have a 1950s household and he is the Dom in our home. I am looking for a Domme who wants to play, offer guidance, tasks and discipline when needed to keep me focused. I do want in person eventually even if it starts online so please be local.
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