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Someone to Teach me the Ropes:)
Hi! I am looking for a dominant woman in the toledo area to give me more experience with women and bdsm in a dom/sub relationship:)
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Sub Female looking for online female Dom
i’m new to all of this but i’m naturally a submissive. i’m willing to please for my mistress. looking for something online only. i’m into anything you’d like me to do, let’s play
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19/ sub looking for Mistress
Heyy, I am Lucina :)
I'm very new to bdsm and there are so many things in my head, I want to experience.
Therefore I'm looking for someone alike. Someone in a dominant, guiding and teaching role. A mistress.
But I'm only interested in something serious. Like a mistress/slave or domme/sub relationship.
I would prefer real life, but online can be a place to start. If the connection is strong enough, I'd maybe willing to relocate after my apprenticeship.

For me, I'm 19 years old and living in germany.
I would describe myself as very calm, modest and genuine.
Besides that, I'm transgender(mtf). I have chosen to live my life with who and how I am and that needs to be respected.

Please don't bother texting me if you are either looking for nudes, demanding submission right away or transphobic.

"socially intelligent, self-aware, respectful and honest". If you see yourself in these words I would be happy to receive a message from you and getting to know each other :)

Submission is a gift and needs to be earned.
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21 F sub/little/slave
I’m looking for a mommy/mistress ages 21-35 in Connecticut~ (I live in Manchester)
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Sex slut new to life
Sex slut who has always fantasized but now want to get active in life. I want to be owned as a 24/7 sex slave. But as I am new to life need someone to be patient to train me. Love females n would love to be a whore but am open to dick
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Live in sub
Hi i am looking for a Dom or domme to train me and make me their sub
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Looking for my Domme
I am looking for a dominant woman to lead the domme/sub lifestyle 24/7. I prefer experienced dommes and am looking for something genuine and long term. I would be most comfortable with this relationship to begin online and progress to meeting in person only after we feel completely comfortable with each other. I don't send nude pictures.

My ideal domme would be a woman looking to take control all of the time and allow me to serve her needs physically and emotionally. I have experience with male and female dommes. I have never experienced being a domme myself.

I can be sweet and am a good listener and live to please, however I can also be quite bratty and have been described as 'a fun and challenging sub to handle'. I often enjoy punishment more than I enjoy being pleasured. I am open to serving as a sub or as a slave, however I do ask that my hard limits are always respected.
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Seeking dominant women
Really looking for someone to take control of me and find a connection. Not really experienced, but am curious to learn anything.
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Looking for a Connection.
I've been skirting around the edges for a long time, I think. I know what I want, but I've been pressed to put it into words.

I know myself very well. While I may be a sub, you can expect me to be clear on what I want and what I expect from any Domme who takes the time to get to know me. I won't waste my time on people who aren't articulate. I know that sounds bratty, but I hate having my time wasted.

I want to be submissive. I hate making all the choices all the time. It's easier for me to just heed direction. That being said, I don't want someone who's just going to order me around. Everything is a balance. Please don't waste my time if you're just looking for someone to talk dirty with, either. I want rules and care and love and attention. I want something more than sex. I want connection. That's my goal.

Eventually, I love the idea of being involved in something 24/7. But that takes trust, and trust takes time.

For now, I'm just looking for people to talk to. I'd love to voice-chat or type back and forth! Friends first is the best way to go about anything. Please don't be afraid to talk to me. I love getting to know people.

That being said, I don't play with men. Lesbian. I'm cis female, 24. Generally looking for people within 10yrs of my own age. :>

Thanks for taking the time to read! <3
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Online play
I am bi and looking for a Mistress online. I’m a slave who gets off on pain and submitting. Message me and let’s talk. I won’t submit till I trust you.
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Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.
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AZ- Sub female seeking Domme (female only please)
I am a little spice & a lot of sugar. I live to serve and am missing that in my life since I left my ex last year. Seeking an attentive Domme who will honor my hard limits and help me to explore both of our fantasies :)
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New and Lonely
I want a dominant. Serious inquires only ?
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Online play predominantly
Hi, im a female sub seeking a female Domme.
Online play with the potential to meet up ideally. I'm looking to explore my Bi side further with a firm, fun and nurturing Domme. Im quite a private person hence my profile is sparce but please just ask any questions, I'm a friendly person.

Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you.
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Sub female 19 ISO dom female
Looking for dom female 19-25 if older that's okay
Start online see what comes and maybe irl
I'm looking for my dom to control
Screen time
Add as time goes on

I'm new and want to learn as much as possible but must trust you first

Location doesn't really matter
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highly intelligent and adventurous submissive
I am a highly intelligent single submissive who is seeking her highly experienced and very serious Domme or Mistress to train and mold into a desirable submissive that they are extremely proud of. This style relationship takes time and attention and if not up to the challenge or dedication, don't waste my time. I am very dedicated and expect the same.
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Looking for a dom for my boyfriend
Hi, looking for a dominant for my boyfriend. He seems like he is submissive, and I cannot provide. We would need someone who is patient and caring. If anyone is interested please message me. Serious inquiries only please.
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Looking for a mistress to serve and have fun with.
Hi, I'm currently unable to travel to far places, so it would be the best if you are close.
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Take Control
I’m looking for someone I can trust to take control.

Message me :)
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I'm a bratty submissive middle looking for a Domme to train and own me. I am fairly new to the lifestyle and can be a bit mouthy at times. I'm learning how to shut up and obey. I'm a light masochist. I'm a handful and I definitely have been deemed a challenge. I do test my limits so the further you let me go , the further I will. I've met people who I could tell wasn't going to put up with the BS so I cut it out. Otherwise I will end up doing the dominating and I don't like it lol it's not my place. Anyway, I'm looking for someone I can eventually meet with 25 and up.
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