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Bi-Curious Submissive
Submissive and Bi-Curious, however, somewhat shy when it comes to women. Some experience with D/s relationship with men now want to explore my bi side more. Online only. Pictures / videos not done until trust is earned.
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Sub looking for experience
Hello, as the title would suggest I am relatively new to all of this and am seeking a domme with some level of experience. Looking for something online for now
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Sub looking for dom woman
Looking for a dominant woman sorta new to the lifestyle but would love to learn
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in need for a nice caregiver
strictly online only
i'm a young sub who's into cgl, and i'm very obedient. dm if interested, and we can compromise on further details! <3
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Naughty sub in need if training and discipline
Big titted naughty sub needs to be put in her place by an older dominant male who knows how to train and discipline. Ready to observe submissive positions and do as I am told.
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Young submissive new to this experience looking for Dom to show me the way
Online only
I am a young, female student who has always been interested in this lifestyle, but my experience has not been positive in real life so I am hoping to find like-minded individuals.
I am eager, willing to learn and please, and would be looking to develop an online situation with someone - if it was the right person then who knows...
If you'd like to speak more, come and message me.
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Looking for someone to help my Dom push me and play
Hi there! I'm looking for another woman who is dominant, switch or submissive, that would be interested in playing with me and my Dom! He has asked me to find some one to help push me as a pet and his slut and if you'd like to play too! I've been craving a woman to play with and pleasure and he is finally allowing it. Please message if you are interested, thanks!
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cute blond looking for a very dominate woman
im a cute blond looking to be owned . to be loved and wanted. my limits have never been tested . i would like to let my guard down and trust someone. the only limit i have is anal play i believe that's a out only. other than that its all go. im looking for online play at first and then see where it goes from there . im not new at this . i love older woman who are very dominate in the bedroom only its just one of the things that turn me on.
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new young sub seeking a domme
Online and LDR are perfectly fine. 19-27 if possible. I would love for a caring domme to be able to train me and such. I'm a bit of brat so I like to tease. message me and we'll see how it goes :)
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Getting high makes me very subby
Hey there. I'm a very submissive 20 year old woman and I like to be told what to do and slapped around, especially by a lady :)
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Kinky BI switch
Greetings and Salutations...
Im a bi woman looking for online, text, chat and play. I joined site to explore my lust for woman and only men have hit me up.
That being said I am looking to hear from a hot sexy bi woman, I have no preference of sub or dom I'm a switch so either suits me. In eager to hear from one if you soon.
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New Chubby Sub
Hello, I am New to the BDSM world. I am a young 21 year old sub looking to have some fun and be trained. I am very open to try almost anything as long as the sub is clean and safe. My limits are blood, bruises, and degrading. I am a full time student and work but willing to travel if needed. I am African American and on the chubby side and wish to be accepted as that. If you have any questions PM me I also have kik.
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18 yo female Sub looking for Dom (irl or long distance relationship)
Hi! My name is Anney. I have been a little/sub for 2 years now and I have recently discovered that I am also into being a slave. I am also biologically a female but i am genderfluid and go y they/them. Annnnd I am demisexual/panromantic. I am looking for: a dom, a caregiver, a master, or someone to train me into being a good sub overall. Just a warning though, I am a huge brat. I love being able to hand control over to someone else and just roll with it. My age range is anywhere from 18-30. If we click and you are a little older than 30, I'll make an exception. I am biologically a female but i am gender fluid and go by they/them. Also demisexual/panromantic and open to poly relationships.I am also into I am currently living in Oklahoma and plan to move out of state within the next 4 years. Hit me up if you’re interested in me.
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Horny Little Seeking Training
Hello! I’m a little who loves to be dominated. I want to find a mistress who can keep up with my sex drive and introduce me to higher levels of pleasure :)
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Sweet piggy girl
I'm half pet, half doll. I just want a women who wants to play with me and humiliate me. ♡
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Submissive looking for Dom
I'm a young sub looking for her queen to control her and train her to their needs.
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Sub looking for a Domme to Train Me!
I'm new to the BDSM scene, though I've been interested in it for years. I'm a young (20yo) woman mostly interested in women who can not just take charge but show me how to bring them the greatest pleasure. I'm studying in Spain for the semester, and so am looking for online experiences, at least at first.
If you can be kind but firm, I will obey your every whim. Message me for more info!
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A pet in need of an owner
I'm a kinky girl. I need a owner who will treat me right, in the bedroom and out. I will obey. But I love punishments, so I tend to be bratty. I'm looking for something online. But It also has to be 24/7. I will allow my owner to have her way with me. I love being teased, having toys being used, being tied up, and gagging. Message me if your interested.
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Looking for a sensual dominant woman
I'm a very assertive woman who is seeking someone who is confident and competent sexually. I'm not interested in threesomes with your boyfriend or husband. The possibility of a LTR is there, but I'm looking to have fun initially. I don't want to be your slave, just your lover who turns you on so much that you can't wait to tell me everything that you're going to do to me!
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24yr near boulder co seeking a dom and to explore
As said I'm 24, I was recently a salary chef; career change to office. Looking for someone I can trust, explore with. I am bi and have already been with women. Nothing serious but I try to avoid one night stands.
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