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Georgia, United States
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So, who am i?

i am just a girl, if you'd pass me on the street you might not even notice me. i could be anyone or no one at all. My life story might not even be interesting to anyone other than i, but i am truly living a fairy tale (albeit a slightly twisted one) in real life.

It starts like most fairy tales...

girl meets Dom (we would never call him a boy). Handsome, charming and so charismatic. Darkly twisted but with a romantic side. The two chat day and night, knowing that distance would make things difficult but they are drawn to each other. Our Hero travels 13 hours to visit his love and it's a wonderful as they imagined. He claims his girl as His and heart wrenchingly returns home. Trips back and forth as their love grows and many hours are logged on the phone and internet. The girl is tattooed in ownership, their commitment to each other is so strong. It seems as if nothing stop their love. But as often happens in these tales, things end. The two go their separate ways and it seems as thought their story might end right here....

Fast forward 13 years, and the girl has a moment of weakness and despite the span of time, she can't help but wonder about Him. she finds Him on social media and before she her fear stops her she sends a message to say " hello" and He replies and seems genuinely happy to hear from her. The two chat off and on for a couple of years, but other than a bit of flirting they keep things pretty light and innocent. Late one night she asks Him "Why?, why did they end things, how did she mess up? Where did they go wrong?" They dig in and find comfort in the hows and whys and healing begins. The two agree to forgive and move on, a fresh start and become friends.

One more time jump, of about 2 years. Although they are only friends, she is still drawn to Him, feeling as though she has always been His. One day sends Him a message, talking about the old days and for some reason, this opens an avenue of communication the two haven't seen in many years. For months they chat, day and night, and the affection between them becomes apparent. They fall into old familiar patterns and she is falling so hard for this amazing wonderful Man, believing that this might be their second chance. Finally, One day, He reclaims her as His and they are unbelievably falling in love all over again.

The tale obviously does not stop here, as it's still being written. Life is still complicated, but their devotion to each other is strong and unwavering. Only time will allow us to see if our heroes will find a Happily Ever After... stay tuned....

i've never believed in soulmates, but living this i cannot deny that if you are meant to be, you will indeed find your way back to one another.... believe in it, my friends, you will find your O/o if you are open to what the universe holds for you.
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