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Paris, Tennessee, United States
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Do not message me if you have not read my profile! Unless I know you met you or you've commented on a blog piece I will not respond to those who can not or due to pure laziness not follow a simple instruction/request.
If you are a Dominant it is VERY telling of your character, respect for limits and effort you are willing to put into being "Domly". If you can't respect me, why the hell should I respect you?!

I live in the Jackson TN, USA area. 
I am not your typical submissive. Understand before messaging me that I am not YOUR submissive or anyone's at the moment. 

I am not looking for a Dominant from afar. In simpleton terms that means online, long distance or any contact where physically seeing, touching or interacting is impossible. I am not looking for someone to send or request whank material. Period!

I will not be your kneel bitch girl. If you can't converse beyond three sentencs before thinking you can dominate me, I will, to be quite blunt, eat  you up and spit you out. 

I know who I am and my needs and desires. There has to be a similar foundation to build on. Please, know the same in regard to yourself before trying to think you know who I am. 

Until then I am my own dominant and that is the "gift" I have to offer: Submission of my Dominance of self.

Mostly, I am here to make friends, learn, support and aid those in their own growth inside of the lifestyle.

If you made it this far, please use the phrase "sliced bread" somewhere in your first message to me.
BDSM and me
I have been in the lifestyle for over half my life. I took a recent hiatus from the community but have returned better for the break that it showed me clearly I am back to where and who I belong.
I have been a submissive, bottom, demo slut and baby girl previously. 
I do have a sadistic side that I have chosen to feed only in my mind and am a masochist by nature. See above on how to avoid not being my first victim. ;)
Piss, shit, vomit 
Children, animals
Gun play
What's new
Simply I am back. Where this path leads is anyone's guess.

"The scars do not prove that I was broken but that I survived; Stronger for being scarred" ~an Ascorpiess heart

Still with me? Bonus points if you put peanut butter on that sliced bread. Lmao!
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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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