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Austin, Texas, United States
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Daddy needs one additional Sub to complete
Daddy needs one Sub or Slave This Daddy needs a Sub to be with my other little( middle) no age regression just brat to be a ( mommy or sister ). Full on long term relationship. True Ddlg or D/s permanent relationship. I have use for you . We are looking to relocate. There is much to discuss but if you come with me. I will be the last man you will ever have to serve. I will protect you and together we can provide for us all and still live a good life. But I need you first To reach out to me. I will earn it all from you . Don't worry about it. Talk with me first then we can talk terms.i promise this is a closed poly thruple. This is permanent if you decide to come with me. Talk and let's see if we can make life wafor us all.
Relationship status
In a polyamorous relationship
About me
Daddy Zo {goodgirly }  Welcome to my profile.    I'm waiting for that someone who thinks there DEMONS can't be controlled. Rest assured , I can handle it especially if it plays well with mine. I am actively seeking a partner or two but if all I get is a kinkyfriend, I will not say no.    I’m a 45yr old and big burly man with a massive obsession with forcing orgasms. I have traveled in Central USA . I love adrenaline type activities whenever the opportunity presents itself . Bungee jumping, cliff dive, riding steep roller. This list is much bigger.      I do have a vanilla side ... sadly but it is a good one . Family BBQ and trips together.  Lots of get togethers and partying.  With me you gain that family feeling.    I'm a loving, caring, passionate, understanding, faithful, loyal, respectful, generous Daddy.  One that any little will find irresistible.  Seriously.      I can see and feel if emotion are being toyed with. So be mindful of me and I'll give the same to you.         I believe in chemistry and compatibility. Trust and communication are my keys.         Zodiac  / Celestial sign: Scorpio, born in the year of Dragon, water  sign         I put out into the universe what I want.  I won't settle for what ever comes along.  Life is to short for that .
BDSM and me
I am not picky,  but you must present a good personality and be ready to share your life and all its dirty secrets with me . You must earn me as much as I must earn you.  It is how our give and take will work .    I develop such serious bonds with my chosen sub/little , they become so intense that it feels  surreal. I only know how to form deep connections , psychological domination is how I accomplish all that I do . I want all.your good times and your bad . Every part of you will belong to me .    I build long-term dynamics that's why having Mental Bondage is very important. I like to get in your mind . I want every thought to be of me . I want to reach a point that you won't know where my thoughts end and yours begins. We will be in sync with eachothers. Knowing our wants and desires because they will be one and the same .    I am a bit of an onion,  I have many layers and will make you cry. The main focus of my journey is to explore my  Sadistic, Dominant side. My Daddy side is complete. As a Sadist, I love impact play and bruising. My ability to give humiliation and degradation depends on the level of connection I have from my Sub or little. All in all I enjoymy Daddyside the most becauseI can have my little with me and she will always call me Daddyor other iteration of that name. I am a very Good Daddy Dom to the correct sub/little. Focusing on respect and discipline to inspire love and trust .    I am not a Full Dom and I am not just a Daddy . I  am a beautiful combination of both and lean more to the Daddy side. Yes I do have a sadistic streak,I know how to give pain and pleasure. I’m a little bit of everything; sensual Dom ,  sadistic Daddy and very few limits.    CASUAL PLAY is not a preference of mine. So NO, I'm not open to that. I'm here for long term MUTUAL beneficial dynamic.     I will respect your boundaries and personal life. But my little will be very welcome to explore my life and all that is in it . Dive into the side of me that not everyone has the opportunity to see.      •I want to live in my littles mind. My will to be her will. • I will own her body , she will be my property, • She will be my comfort and my joy. I will develop a love that can only be had by a Daddy and his little.    Ill Stimulate your mind and  seduce your body, it will follow me involuntary. You will feel safe in my arms.       A few of the kinks I enjoy are Role-Playing (Daddy/ little, Boss/secretary), Hair Pulling, Begging, Flogging, Wax Play, Strong Eye Contact, Branding (tattoo and piercing), Orals, Cropping, Reciving Cock Worship, Threesome, Leashes, Following my Instructions and Public Play.     These are my favorites; , CNC, Fear Play, Eroticized Rage, Grooming, Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation, Breeding not actuallypregnancy( but we can act like it ) , Voyeurism. Force Orgasms,  Bondage                     For Dominant females I apologize there's no hint of switch or Submissive in me at all . But if you want a challenge talk to me. We can both fight for what we want and take it. I love cnc...       Will always be a dominate, and I will always be a Daddy.
You tell me , I am the Dom . I dont play with poop . Maybe blood and maybe I'll pee on your leg for ownership reason, Every thing else we can give it shot .
What's new
Not single anymore. ??♂️??? I have also taken on Goodgirly . We have been talking for some time now. So I look forward to meeting . What's new ...  I am interested in haveing one sub or little . If you are interested feel free to contact me or goodgirly if you need some information. I am looking to date and only for the long haul. I am going to travel this beautiful world and along the way we will learn to love and live together. I am open to date any type of Sub, little or pet.  . . You must love me .  Also building a poly style house hold.  Still need the house lol.  But if i can get a few people together we can buy a big and beautiful home with land and nice place to enjour bdsm in private.

For my future slaves
Here you'll be trained as a domestic as well as sexual slave. You'll be expected to have a job or Ill help you to find one. You'll contribute some towards household expenses and the remainder you'll save for yourself. You will have chores assigned towards the upkeep of the house and grounds.

Slaves will be expected to obey at all times and disciplined when necessary but we don't see slaves as things or worthless. You are a person and hopefully a member of our house and part of the family and will be treated as such. Eventually you may have sister slaves as well. The goal is a poly household.

You think I am a  monster , well you are right, you think I am  angry,  well you are right. I have always been this way. Difference is I had you. You kept me in check. I was  your monster, your beast. Now you set me free , off the leash. You dont like what I am. You will miss me . My anger used to sets you free . As you pulled me back to sane you took in my anger and absorb it like a sponge.  In my mental release you gained resolution to your own issues and find comfort in my arms . Together we would burn hot and anyone who was in our way . You  handled the very worst of me, so now I will give you my best. I have been Kicked enough.! Even the lost know when to leave. Join my life or move.  I need a woman that will fight my demons, and kill me if need be.  A woman that will stand by me through adversity and the trials of life. I am a monster, the king of them. Do battle with me . LOVE me as I am or MOVE. My anger is a reflection of my love. My light a reflection of my Darkness. My madness a reflection of my logic . I am a monster, I am used to protect and fight other monsters. I am a beast under your spell. Unlock my heart and you will have the life you have always wanted . As you kneel to me I will make sure this world will kneel to you.  I am a Dom == Results from == 100% Primal (Hunter) 100% Dominant 100% Rigger 100% Sadist 100% Degrader 96% Voyeur 92% Experimentalist 90% Master/Mistress 88% Daddy/Mommy 87% Owner 79% Brat tamer 69% Non-monogamist 58% Exhibitionist 0% Ageplayer 0% Switch 0% Vanilla
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Sep 23, 2018
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