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After an interesting and very good year with my little( DiscoveringMe ). I know more or less what to do and expect . I am a Poly DaddyDom. Interesting title... But I want to be surrounded by the happy feelings of love and adoration. I want to give as much as I get . I want real life in this manner. Vanilla truly creeps in. But it was not lacking due to an existing dynamic of what we built and that means it works . Truth and communication are my keys . I am a Daddy Dom at the flick of a switch and one hell of a man at other times . Find ot in your self to let me be a guide to you. Who ever you are . Know I will be your last stop. Trust me and come with me . Yes monogamy is good but the truth about this is to be surrounded by people like minded and the freedom to be open and your self. Give me your everything no matter where you live and I will prove to you my way of life is also just as good as yours . Subs, littles, middles , brats, slaves, masochistic, human pets, servants and one special Domme. Individually we can only move hills . But together we will move mountains. See you soon .
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I am tired.
Just trust me and I will prove the rest. 

Just to be clear relocating will be needed.  Not immediately obviously but after we know we have a fair chance at a true melding of the  minds and are ready for the last stop in your life . ( your kids are welcome ). Bring me all your good times and your bad . I will earn my place with you  
The building, (custom house) it will really just be a home base as the true intention is to make some money,  live life together and travel.  Make no mistake I am a Daddy Dom and I will live life according to my role and my desires.  My little has already joined me . I have a potentially beautiful Domme in mind (such a beautiful switch). 
Looking for a beautiful Sub now ( another little). 
And a pet or service type Sub. Yes once we are one the same page we will consolidate our lives and live together and then we can travel this world with me leading the way for you . Trust in me take the time to understand me and unlock my heart and I will do the same.

Update :
to weed out spam , yup there is spam least one voice and video call will be needed. So if contacted please understand that I will ask for this . Once establish we can communicate the way you want so I advise that you're  serious. 

 I have found that even here we search for the same thing.  But with kink . 
Well let me tell you.  Trust and communication are key . I am not single.  I have a beautiful Sub and she is wonderful. But she and I would like an additional Sub or a little sister for the little  in her . We are not looking for a third or forth. I am looking to share me and my Subs with you . We are looking to build a beautiful family. The support system is very impressive.  We will  live together eventually,  but till then we need to build and talk . The dynamic will exist but we all know we want 24/7 but we all know  the vanilla exist as well.
Bi sexuality is preferred but not required.  Only the openness to a relationship.  This is a real as it gets .
True as it is  Trust in me , and help me build our forever home . We can build a home for all of us and all of our kids   Together as we consolidate our life we can combine everything and make it all real . 
We might want a pet as well.. female only thank you .
If you have any questions,  please ask. 

I have found d a very good woman ( DiscoveringMe ) We are looking to expand and build a small family.  We will live together and share all of our new life experiences. Just hear me out before dismissing me and go on one date with us to see what we are about and if we can connect.
We will travel and vacation very frequently.  Just the perks of living together.  If this sounds good or to good to be true then you have nothing to lose by going on a date , we would still be good company and have good food.  So let's go and let me try to give us a new and interesting life .
BDSM and me
Long story. But lets say It works for me and is a way of life . But you will have to contact me to find out what it is as I can do everything else with no issues . I enjoy making a woman my own and taking one intimate thing and having the ability to give it and elevate it to a crazy level and use it as a mean of control. The sounds of passion drive me crazy . I do bite and I do punish and I do leave Mark's. I am very nice most of the time but with the flick of a switch my Dominant attitude comes into play and can take you by surprise if you are not ready.
You tell me , I am the Dom . I dont play with poop or pee. Or blood . Every thing else we can give it shot .
What's new
She is my gift, I am hers . Her voice is beautiful and calming to my turbulent mind . She is in training and is doing exceptional. She is my Discovery and she believes in Me. I have helped her find her self just as she has opened my eye to a new world of pain and pleasure that I can give to the world of DiscoveringMe.

We are interested in haveing one other . If you are interested feel free to contact me or my Sub DiscoveringMe if you need some information. We are looking to date and only for the long haul. We are going to travel this beautiful world and along the way we will learn to love and live together.  We are open to date any type of Sub, little or pet. 


I You think me a monster, you think me angry.
I have always been this way. Difference is I have you.
You keep me in check. I am  your monster, your beast.
Now you set me free , off the leash. You dont like what I am. You love it . My angry sets you free . As you pull me back to sane you take in my anger and absorb it like a sponge.  In my mental release you gain resolution to your own issues and find comfort in my arms . Together we burn hot and anyone who is in our way . 
Even lost animals know when to leave.
If you handle the very worst of me, so now I will give you my best. I have been Kicked enough.!

I need a woman that will fight my demons, and kill me if need be. I am a monster, the king of them. Do battle with me . LOVE me as I am or MOVE. My anger is a reflection of my love. My light a reflection of my Darkness. My madness a reflection of my logic .
I am a monster, I am used to protect and fight other monsters. I am a beast under your spell.
Unlock my heart and you will have the life you have always wanted . As you kneel to me I will make sure this world will kneel to you. 

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100% Dominant
100% Rigger
91% Master/Mistress
90% Primal (Hunter)
85% Owner
80% Daddy/Mommy
73% Sadist
57% Voyeur
49% Degrader
46% Non-monogamist
45% Experimentalist
43% Vanilla
37% Exhibitionist
36% Brat tamer
17% Ageplayer
12% Masochist
2% Primal (Prey)
1% Boy/Girl
1% Slave
1% Degradee
1% Pet
0% Rope bunny
0% Brat
0% Submissive
0% Switch
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