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I have a very unique personality. I tend to have a between state of most personalities traits. Some define me some doesn’t but it’s still apart of me. I’m a very open-minded experimental person. I like to try and explore new things. I can be very bubbly, Out-going, some say even savage. But then other other side can be very calm, self-conscious, and lost. These go really hand and hand with each other. I do have the part of me where I am very open and talks a lot. I am very passionate about lots of things and love deep conversations. I can be closed off a bit or very open depending on how my cautious side is feeling. I am Pansexual and supportive of others. I like to think that people can do what they want or is interested and even though there’s others who have their opinion on it. They are not entitled to tell you their opinions. But if it is a debate I at least think you should hear the other side if they disagree with you on something. With me liking to explore things I find that I have a lot of hobbies but not have time to do them. Even things I wanna do out and do. I am a full time college student so that really interfere with things. I also have a lot of interests. Just get to know me. You’ll figure them out eventually. This is what my best friend describes me as A bubbly, lost, bouncy, savage foxy, slim thick experimental pervert. She definitely forgot to mention some things but that is how she sees me. Oh I almost forgot I’m a emotional person. Keep in mind that doesn’t just mean only sad emotions but all.
BDSM and me
I am new to the community. I am a sub and little. So keep in mind I have 2 sides. To be someone's sweet naughty little girl. For them to care for me in ways a Daddy/dom would. I am Pansexual. So I don't mind Mommies/Daddies and Dom/mme. I am interest in pet play. I am focusing on my submissive side as it feels more me. I want someone who can deal with my vanilla and non vanilla side. I would like someone to show me the BDSM world instead of telling me. I am a college student so I don't live alone. I would love to dress up and cosplay and interesting things like that. I expect someone who can fully make decisions for me after knowing me and knowing what's completely best for me. Someone who can help me be more comfortable with myself and is understanding. Also to help me stay on track as they would know my goals in life and interests and hobbies and help me achieve it. I can't forget being better mentally and taking care of myself. I know this much that I don't function too well on my own I tend to be all over the place and not get things done and etc. I kinda imagine my ideal relationship is someone I can completely trust and "let go" with. Someone I can be myself and don't feel weird or force myself to submit but because I want to. just someone that I know truly cares for me and will go out of there way make sure I'm the best me I can be for myself and Dom. what sparked my curiosity about BDSM was indeed reading about DDLG and then it went into further levels and dynamics still all being read through books. I’m here because of my interest of being in a lifestyle where your darkest dreams and fantasies (that you’ve either first been exposed to by books or porn) can be fulfilled! I have a natural will to please others. True I also like to be please in more then one way. I mean who doesn’t but I like to do things for others. I tend to listen to people before I do something. Almost like I’m waiting for them to tell me to go ahead and do it. It doesn’t happen all the time but I tend to do it. So I do things when told a lot and prefer to be told what to do then to act on my own. Yes, I like to still have some type of input as I AM NOT A SLAVE.I’m interested in BDSM because I like the of feeling and excitement I get from just talking about it and I also like that it requires a lot more trust and understanding in the relationship then a normal vanilla one. I’m interested in being a little because I like the idea of no responsibilities and to be able to let go and be as childish and crazy as I want. To have someone guide me and treat me well as I don’t have to or tell them to do this and that to just accept that I’m in a childlike mind at times and do things for me or help me do things like school work, and showering, and to have bedtime and stuff like that because of stress or because I’m deeply upset or overwhelmed I know I need someone to make rules and protocols because I can’t create schedules myself to follow I need someone to make them and enforce them. A lot of this mentioned in my blogs if you do or have read them. I also wanna say I don't know how to feel about the bdsmtest but It's me

== Results from ==
100% Brat
99% Vanilla
99% Experimentalist
99% Boy/Girl
93% Ageplayer
90% Rope bunny
87% Voyeur
76% Submissive
75% Pet
70% Slave
64% Exhibitionist
58% Non-monogamist
51% Degradee
49% Masochist
39% Switch
37% Primal(Prey)
33% Daddy/Mommy
30% Owner
24% Master/Mistress
7% Brat tamer
5% Dominant
1% Sadist
1% Primal (Hunter)
1% Rigger
0% Degrader
Hard and soft Limits only to be discussed with Daddy/Mommy/Dom/Domme when I meet them and have started a dynamic.
What's new
I am open for friendships,advice, and even to just talk. Please make sure to state intentions within the subject of the messages when emailing me for the first time. **If interested** please know that I wanna take things slow, don't think I'll go right into anything with you because I won't. I like a person to know and understand what they are getting into when with me and what's best to find that out if things aren't paced well. Keep that in mind with your intentions 
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