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Experienced Master looking for his Slave
Hello Kitten,

Please read all of this as before responding. I will not respond to messages or profiles that have no information or single sentence messages.

I am looking for a young fit or athletic Caucasian, Asian, or Latino woman to be my 24/7 TPE slave who can keep up with me to serve my needs. Ideally this would be a woman who craves discipline and enjoys handing over full control over herself to someone. This life is not for those who are not prepared so I am only looking for women who are ready for this kind of relationship as not to waste my time or yours.

This relationship would be discussed limits, boundaries, expectations, etc… before starting anything; Also this would be an online relationship that would eventually become a permanent live in relationship. Some things to be aware of is that I have interest in piercings and tattoos on my sub also I am looking for a slave who is willing to to do whatever I say whenever I say without thinking or questioning.

I am a 24 year old Master who has been in the BDSM scene as a Dom for about 8 years now. I am 6'3" and 184lbs Ive got blue eyes and brown hair. I am not too hairy either. I have a stable job. I enjoy reading, video games, rock climbing, surfing, and hunting.

If this does not fit you thank you for your interest and I wish you fair travels and good luck on your journey to find your Master. If this does fit you and your interest please feel free to reach out to me I check my messages at least 3 times a day and will promptly respond as soon as I see it. Please tell me in a few sentences about yourself and what interested you in me and my ad.

Best Regards,
Deus Olim
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Master seeking sub/slave
Hello all you beautiful Sub/Slaves,
Are you a straight or bisexual female between the ages of 20-37 seeking ownership and training?   
Tired of same old blah, blah, blah and daily struggle?
Wishing to find a connection?
Have a strong desire to be used as you have always dreamt of?
Are you a bit of a naughty maschoicist and need to be punished?
Then continue reading...
I am a Master in a poly mono relationship now accepting one lucky sub/slave.
Clean, no drama or financial baggage, relocation a possiblilty once preliminary IRL has been established. You will be under my care and protection. As for those local weekend's are a great alternative.
Not looking for online only!
Relocation or scheduled weekends will be discuss to make the appropriate arrangements.
Female who is into domestic/sexual servitude and is eager to learn.
Experience not required as i will train.
Do not have to be a supermodel I welcome all type's.
Everything will be provide for you.
No children or pet's!
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Looking for you
Im a Dom located in western north carolina, and im looking for a sub or slave age doesn’t matter. Color doesn’t matter. Message me (do not forget to call me sir and be respectful because im going to respect you) Thank you for reading my ad
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UK Dom seeks willing sub
I'm a 49 year old male dom looking for a female sub. My requirements are fairly specific. The right sub will submit to an ongoing D/S arrangement when we are building a scene. I have (comfortable) sub-quarters at my place (south east of London) where rules will apply. However outside that environment I am consciously egalitarian. I'm also unashamedly sapiosexual. I love super-smart women.
My style of domming has taken a while to evolve. I'm not interested in being a swaggering domly mcdomlypants. I prefer subtlety. I also get a slightly evil kick from depriving my sub of agency (negotiated of course) and then subjecting them to being used and taken beyond the point of reason. I get off on leaving someone utterly helpless and overwhelmed by sensual pleasure. I'll use pain, degradation, mechanical stimulation, complete deprivation of control, or whatever it takes to get them there.
Aside from super smart sluttiness I also appreciate physical fitness. I work out (not to excess) and expect similar from the right sub. The sub will have to stay fit despite my feeding her. It is OK to spoil one's sub occasionally isn't it?
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Looking for kajira to take
Looking for a kajira or sub/slave looking to be trained to fulfill her place and serve her Master. Looking to collar a slave for 24/7 service that may turn in to long term with breeding, depending on training. Asian ancestry with Japanese or Korean parentage will be considered first, but all will be considered. Female only, ages 18 to 34 preferred. I will be strict, but I do take care of My toys. This will not be online only. It may start there while under consideration but must be able to relocate to recieve collar when commanded to do so.
Cooking ability, love of video games, classic movies, anime, and all things science fiction are a plus.
I had a unicorn, so I know they exist, now I'm looking for another.
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Looking for a Sub and friend

I am a Dominant Daddy/Master who is looking, for a female submissive​/slave online to serve me and do as commanded and instructed . Looking for online submission as I keep traveling. I am looking for having connection with my subs, not just the sexual part.

Open to meeting in person in future.

Your limits will be respected.

I also prefer controlling parts of daily routine of my Sub Life. This can be from clothes, food etc

I am looking for a girl who likes to play ,Wana be used I want her to be naughty, horny but also Obedient.

I have Kik and Hangouts as options.
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Smart women.
Hello beautiful women's from Seattle.
This year I really want to find my another half. Let's get in touch and speak more about this amazing life.
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Irish master seeks real life submissive
Trust respect and honour communication at the top .
Not looking to abuse and use.

Seeking the real submissive, those with the desire to please and those who know that true submission is a gift and it will not be treated with disrespect.

Real person here and expect the same ..
No time wasters.
No here for lonely hearts.

My current location is Ireland
Do and will travel no problem .
No looking for sessions or play partners looking for real long term .

Do not online role play so do not ask.

Have had some replies in the past but majority either time wasters or didn't know what they wanted. To save your time and mine know what you want and have enthusiasm, along with communication skills.
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I am a Genuine Strict DOMINANT from Canada Looking for suitable submissive
I am a real Dom and Master from Canada, with long life BDSM experience.. I am strict but caring. I am into mind control , reward and punishment , humiliation , and most importantly deep submission in the BDSM dynamics. I am genuine and interested to find a true sub that enjoy being controlled and disciplined regularly. I entertain online and real life if in Ontario. if you are really true sub and looking for long term deep relation, contact me.
I do respect the limits . I like spanking,obedience training and many more. if you are interested drop me a line and let me know how we can start chatting.
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Seeking The Impossible?
Please read completely and carefully. I know you are out there.
Think about all the cliche riddle profiles you see on Match and Eharmony, then add in, "real and true sub female." In other words, I seek a 'normal' loving, caring long term relationship with a lady (emphasis on 'lady') who is also a true sub. If that sounds contradictory to you then perhaps we are not a match.
I am older and my ideal match is 24 to ?, attractive (a physical attraction must be there) slim to few extras, a well rounded person, well educated, can carry on a conversation, loyal, honest to a fault, has or is seriously seeking a good career she loves (yes, she works and contributes, I'm not a sugar daddy!) has no kids living at home, is willing to possibly relocate, and is not in a hurry to find the right Dom. Most importantly, I am real, you MUST be as well.
I am NOT interested in your explicit pictures, so do not send unless I ask. A couple of nice head and full body pics are welcomed.
If you seek a great lasting, loving relationship (accent on relationship) with a funny, caring, interesting, eclectic, experienced Dom, then message back with your thoughts. Seattle/PNW area a plus but not exclusive. Bi or bi-curious, Scorpios, softball players, book worms, and nerds/geeks go to the head of the line.
Please note, major turnoffs: Loud obnoxious people, smokers/dopers, ladies who get drunk (a bit tipsy is fine, just not falling down loud), overly foul mouthed, overly clingy/needy (you are an individual as well as my sub) liars, game players and antisocial types.
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Looking for a sub, a little slut
In few words:
I want a sub willing to serve me and satisfy my needs. A toy I can use and a little girl I can take care of.

In a bit more detail, I’m looking for a sub who can satisfy my desire to dominate and humiliate. I want a sub who not only accepts but also enjoys being under my control.
As a Dom I want to be in charge, mold my sub as I see fit and assume the responsibility of taking care of her.

I will guide and show you the path to follow. Not only that but I will also be at your side while you follow such path, looking after you at the same time as pushing you to go further. I want to take control of you, be aware of each one of your steps and teach you how to serve and satisfy my needs. I want to give a purpose to your submission while ensuring you don’t move away from the path I decided for you.

Either if this is your first time or you already have some experience, I want to learn about you to both understand your needs and see what you have to offer. You are a blank canvas and I want to see how much can I push you to create something beautiful, but I can only do that with your commitment and sincerity. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings or doubts. As said, I want to be in charge, guiding and helping you during the process because at the end we share a common goal.

I wave a kind side that wants to take care of you and make you feel comfortable so you can trust me and fully enjoy with your submission. On the other hand, my sadistic side enjoys with humiliation and degradation. I want to turn you into my toy, my little slut. I may verbally degrade you to the point you feel worthless or dehumanize you, perhaps treating you as a piece of furniture. I will take control of some aspects of your life, give you rules to follow and the discipline required to keep you on track. I will give you a path to follow and procure you don’t move too far from it.

Even if you are a brat looking for a firm hand, a sub needing to fill your desire to submit, a woman wanting to spice up your life or a shy girl still figuring out if this is your place you can contact me. You can ask me any question you may have and if you express your desire to be my sub we will discuss about the terms of the relationship and see if we can be a good match.
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What motivates you as a Sub to seek a Sensual Dominant Man?
I’m a very sensual yet mental dominant man looking for a submissive to call my own, to please my needs and be rewarded if they were good, not into bratz, no exceptions. I’m a firm yet very fair dom, you follow my rules and orders and I will reward you. You disobey me and you will be punished. Right now while I still think about the right connection - a woman who likes a man to be something nurturing, caring, kind and consistent.For the right man/connection she will find herself willing to give everything of myself, it is where she finds herself the happiest when I she is in that space, that flow of energy exchange, when she is giving & receiving everything. There is something incredibly beautiful, breathtaking, deep & powerful within that. I love the intensity, the focus.. What else is important to me? Someone who can take personal responsibility for themselves, Someone who is willing to give their all & prove they are worth my giving them everything.
A bit about me as a dom:
- I don’t care what age / size / shape you are, if we have a connection that doesn’t matter to me.
- I might be firm with my rules and instruction, but I am still understanding. If you are my submissive I will care for you, listen to your troubles and be there for you.
- I AM NOT INTO CYBER INSTRUCTION - TO ME PHONE - IN PERSON  IS K E Y- I strive to never be unfair or unjust towards ANY submissives and my decisions regarding them.
- I will do everything in my power as your Dom to put you at ease and to ENCOURAGE YOU be the best version of yourself.

I love to overstimulate my submissives sometimes. I love using VERBAL COMMANDS on my submissives. — of course,
The right submissive cares ultimately about her man, not what he has, or doesn't have, or what he can do for her.  
The right submissive will never threaten to, or take her love away from him, no matter whether they are together or apart.  
The right submissive will be ready to be his friend, his best friend and will show him love and tenderness within that, if that's what he needs the most, then that will be her utmost concern in those times.  
The right submissive will always naturally hold space for  the man she loves, adores, worships, honors and cares about. The point is she feels like that about him naturally, not because he told her to.  
The right submissive will be ready to face the worst times with him, at his side.  
The right submissive will always be ready to hear her daddy & dominant calling out his need for her & will answer that call because it's her instinctive reaction on a soul level. 
There is more to say, but the rest I’ll leave for those truly interested in getting to know me.
If you can relate - yes lets talk :0)
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Sensual Dom Seeks his Submissive
My desires have always been there but I have not always followed them.
This is about pleasure--the pleasure I get from making a woman into a sexy, beautiful sub or taking a girl and making her even more sexy and beautiful for her daddy- both inside and out, in attitude and style, as well as dress. I derive no enjoyment out of extreme pain, nor do I appreciate service out of obligation. I want you to serve me, let me dress you up and show you off, and take pleasure from your body and your mind. Yes, I will NOT force you (trust me, I do enjoy that) but it starts with you giving yourself to me. If you please and satisfy my wants and desires then you will receive reward and praise. If not, there will be punishment. I am kind, gentle, and understanding but I have a fine line between my soft and firm hand. I am equally caring as I am a Sensual dominant . I will learn your likes and dislikes and you will learn mine. You must give me proof that you are real with a whole body picture including your face and some proof that your not a phantom.
Dominant looking for a female sub in my area( NYC or NJ). I have many years experience, and currently seeking my next long term relationship. I am open to anyone in terms of their experience level, doesn't matter if your new or experienced, you are welcome to talk to me. If you want to know more or just curious, do feel free to send me a message. Hope to hear from you soon
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A Slave or Submissive, does not correlate to worthless!
I am a happily Married older Dominant dude living in Northern Illinois. I seek a woman with values who is seeking to learn safe, sane, consensual pleasures from a lifestyle Dominant. I am not looking to change my life, but am looking to help you learn from my experiences!
I am well known all over the internet as "LATEXHER", Master, writer, published artist, and of course erotic photographer. If you are a natural born woman older than 21, but younger then I, please don't pass up my offer! I am Clean, safe (vasectomy) and well experienced. We own our personal playspace which we refer to as our FUNgeon. I also am a custom builder of fine dungeon devices and dungeon contractor!
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Seeking a Truly Submissive Girl that desires a Master/Lover
I need someone who will prioritize me over themself. I enjoy control over all else; and will choose what she wears, what to
improve, and other things that would make her my ideal girl. I want a long term relationship, for her to be patient, reliable, respectful,
and maintain an unwavering loyalty and commitment to me. Another preference I have, is for her to be an introvert. And to be
more than satisfied with my company for not only sexual, but even platonic needs. As far as her looks go, a decent idea of what I like is
pale skin, straight hair, and a lean body. Also, for her facial features to not be too big or small, essentially inconspicuous.

As for me, I'm an introverted loner who prefers home over other places. My hobbies include videogames, internet content, music,
and the like. I'm also always improving my strength, health, and sexual ability. I've got a good muscle mass, but still some fat to
trim. I also have a fairly hairy body, though I do trim some areas that bother me. My stats are approximately: 5'6" height, 190lb, 8"
cock, 25 years old, and mostly Hispanic. Currently, I make a decent amount, but am saving for potential training fees for a better job.
I do have a vehicle, don't live alone, but do have options in mind when the time comes. I have a couple discreet pics in my profile. I
don't intend on showing more unless I find someone who seems real and interested.

To clarify, I don't want someone who's going to come in with excessive expectations and comparisons. This is about what I
personally want and need. If that's a problem, by all means keep scrolling. If you seem to fit what I am looking for, and are very
interested in being mine, I may be willing to hear out your desires and fears. I want my girl to be happy, but I know what I want,
and what she wants should complement that, not contradict it. That being said, I am willing to work with things like weight issues,
acne, distance, inexperience or some other technically mendable issue. I value effort and willpower over unearned good fortune. For now,
it's in my best interest to keep things long distance. Though the end goal of course, would be to bring you over to me for a true

What I Need in A Response:

- Confirmation that you read everything.

- 1-3 pics showing your face and body (Or a good desc. of yourself if that makes you too uncomfortable for now.)

- How close you are to meeting my standards

- Your age

- How many guys you've been with previously (Do you have kids?)

- How clean or dirty you are (STD-wise)

- Basic financial status
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Seeking EXTREME 24/7/365 female slave in Tucson AZ
Single White Male, 55, not in a vanilla relationship, seeking inferior, subhuman female for long term, full time slavery. This is the real deal. No games, no lies, no rights, no limits. No bullshit. I am a total life-style Master, seeking a true 24/7/365 slave. I am not young, handsome, or rich. I require complete submission, and I demand absolute obedience. I can give slave what it truly needs. Complete objectification and total dehumanization. Pain, humiliation, degradation. Full denial, no touch. Obviously, this this is not a relationship for just any slave, but for the right slave, willing to be made over into My perfect thing, this could be the chance to stop fantasizing and start living the dream. I am 100% for real, slave should be too.
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I am a male, DOM, CD, cross dresser, but only in the bedroom, seeking a submissive biological female. I am looking for a woman who wants to be with a “dominate female” in a LTR but also doesn’t mind being satisfied with a cock. I am a loving, caring DOM who will be kind and considerate but also strict and disciplined when needed. I especially enjoy pain, rope play, bratty behavior, humiliation, degradation, age play, orgasm denial, candle wax/ice play, chains, whips, and spankings. I want to explore hypnosis, and breath play. I am looking for someone who can eventually relocate and isn’t afraid to try new things and constantly explore, test limits and learn new boundaries. If your having second thoughts, come on, take a chance, and see. Who knows, you might love it!
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Smart dom male seeking sub female.
Hi there. I'm new to the scene, but old to being a dominant person. That is to say: I've never had a relationship labeled as d/s, but they've always ended up that way. And in groups, I tend to end up in charge. I've never aimed for that to happen.

Nevertheless, it always damned does. Personally, I wish to be surrounded by equals, whom are as beneficial to me as I am to them. That I could just blend in. But that doesn't seem to happen. Instead, people need their hands held, everything slowly explained, etc. Which I don't mind.

What I do mind, is that most people, become very uncomfortable when they start to realize that I'm smarter than they are. Most people, when very uncomfortable, act like animals.

Keep in mind, I always aim to benefit those around me, trying to improve their lives and mental health. Infact, I've literally volunteered over 2500 hours, helping families, animals, and the elderly. Improving the world. Those whom I love, I protect and lead.

But people whom don't know me, whom haven't watched me constantly improve their lives for years? All they see is someone they don't understand, doing things they don't understand, and gaining social influence. Most people equate confusion with helplessness, and that with pain. Thus, my being the source of their confusion, they equate me with pain.

Then I get to deal with these idiots behaving as idiots do: fucking up everything. But, they specifically aim their rampaging incompetence at me. This has been a constant theme throughout my adulthood. The secret curse of intelligence that none of us mention, because hearing it would upset those blessed idiots even more.

So, here I am, looking for a submissive partner. I hope a person - desiring to be submissive - can appreciate rather than merely fear my intellect. I hope they can – comfortably – see me as someone to learn from, rather than someone to be jealous of. Someone to envy and emulate rather than hate. I hope that, over time, I can turn them into my equal.

That gargantuan problem aside, keep in mind that I'm not a fucking god. I might understand more about people, the world, and life in general, than most people ever do. I might have so much self-understanding and control that zen masters would give me a respectful nod. I might stare down large, hard men with mere annoyance. But I'm only human.

I'm poor, I cannot be your sugardaddy – nor would I choose to be, had I the money. I'm a little fat and definitely outta shape. Don't have a big dick. I was depressed, pretty much the last 3 years – and still am a bit. I smoked cigarettes for 17 years. What else? Pffft. Nothing I'd label as serious, but you can grill me if you choose. My blog [link in profile] has nearly my entire life in it. I'll tell you the rest when I trust you.

Again, mental capacity aside, I'm actually very normal. Infact, aside from thinking awesome shit, I spend my freetime just dicking around. And I like it that way. I play video games, read, watch shows, listen to music, jerk off, cook, build shit, meditate. I don't plan to get involved with the world, except when I need to be.

If you and I got together, our time would be spent living a slow, private, comfortable life. Kinda boring, to people who think society has value. Me, I prefer keeping my mind in more productive places. And I'd love it if someone joined me.

As to the d/s side to our relationship, honestly I just want someone who appreciates having a partner who's stronger than them. I won't to be doing everything alone, you'll need to always be helping, but I've got no problem taking the lead. And I'd be happy to school you in the ways of being a badass – wouldn't be a good partner if I didn't work the bitch out of you.

If you want said schooling to include the d/s punishment and reward system, it wouldn't be remotely difficult. Sexually, if you want me to push you around, I'd also be more than capable of that. If you don't want that, I'm fine with that too. Oh, and I'm more than happy sharing control of our life together, but you need to earn the right to contribute through god damned good reasoning and planning. I do not allow stupid shit just to spare someone's feelings.

That's all I wanna think about this for now. I'm sure I'll edit this plenty in the future, if that's a possibility. Feel free to talk to me. Oh, right, and check my blog, which is linked in my profile. It's fucking massive, has video of me, etc.
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Looking fo Sub in Los Angeles area
I am looking for a newbie or experimented Sub female. I am a Dom/Master. Looking for someone close by. I'm very serious when it comes to my subs/slaves and can be gentle, understanding and compassionate but also strict and even harsh at times if Dom/Master determines a sub needs it. I can give you training and guidance. if you are interested contact to me.
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Experienced successful dominant owner, looking for lt submissive.
A man is meant to slay dragons and take damage. A woman is built to help cook the kill... sew the wounds and bear the children, to bring her touch to the table (feminine). I have much more to say.... lets just say i am beyond traditional. To those who pique my interest... so much more to show...
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