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Looking for female sub, slave, pet, little
Hello ! I'm a 28 years old Dom. I'm looking for female sub, slave ( or little, pet) who wants to be controlled and dominated. I can work in both online and offline. I don't mind newbie. Send me a message if I am the Dom you are looking for !
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Male Dom in India looking for Female Sub for Online/Offline
Hello all the beautiful, sexy and kinky submissives out there...

I am a 25yr old male dom with a lot of experience in BDSM specially roleplay. I am very passionate about master/slave roleplays and have numerous interesting ideas. Looking for a female submissive who wants to play my own little slave and who is open to experimenting with various fantasies and situations online or if the situation permits at any point, offline (but that is not necessary).
I am also open to training new and young female subs in the art of slavery and how to please their masters all while maintaining their limits.

Reach out for any questions and we can chat on the details before entering into a training / roleplay. (I always respect limits and I am very forthcoming about what I expect from a sub and if we are not on the same wavelength we can move on.)

Looking forward to hearing from my perfect slave!!
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Young Dom Seeks Submissive Anywhere
First off I would like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this. I'm just going to put this all out there and if I sound like the type of guy you'd be interested then send me a PM. I'm open and honest and I feel like my advertisement should be too. A little about me: I am 20 years old, slim build,with a deep voice living in the DC area I have experience both in person and online and have had submissives from as far away as Australia and it worked out so really anywhere is fine. I am a massive gamer and nerd so being my submissive means you will need to put up with that. I also do volunteer work, fist aid training, and I make lovely audios you can have a look at on my profile. A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community.

My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay. Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that. What I look for in a submissive: I need someone who can be loyal, trusting, willing to learn, ages 18-40 (will discuss older), respectful , caring, someone who can be both my best friend, my lover, and my little fuck toy.

Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. Feel free to ask me about any of these. I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Have a nice day!
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A Slave or Submissive, does not correlate to worthless!
I am a happily Married older Dominant dude living in Northern Illinois. I seek a woman with values who is seeking to learn safe, sane, consensual pleasures from a lifestyle Dominant. I am not looking to change my life, but am looking to help you learn from my experiences!
I am well known all over the internet as "LATEXHER", Master, writer, published artist, and of course erotic photographer. If you are a natural born woman older than 21, but younger then I, please don't pass up my offer! I am Clean, safe (vasectomy) and well experienced. We own our personal playspace which we refer to as our FUNgeon. I also am a custom builder of fine dungeon devices and dungeon contractor!
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I am a male, DOM, CD, cross dresser, but only in the bedroom, seeking a submissive biological female. I am looking for a woman who wants to be with a “dominate female” in a LTR but also doesn’t mind being satisfied with a cock. I am a loving, caring DOM who will be kind and considerate but also strict and disciplined when needed. I especially enjoy pain, rope play, bratty behavior, humiliation, degradation, age play, orgasm denial, candle wax/ice play, chains, whips, and spankings. I want to explore hypnosis, and breath play. I am looking for someone who can eventually relocate and isn’t afraid to try new things and constantly explore, test limits and learn new boundaries. If your having second thoughts, come on, take a chance, and see. Who knows, you might love it!
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Smart dom male seeking sub female.
Hi there. I'm new to the scene, but old to being a dominant person. That is to say: I've never had a relationship labeled as d/s, but they've always ended up that way. And in groups, I tend to end up in charge. I've never aimed for that to happen.

Nevertheless, it always damned does. Personally, I wish to be surrounded by equals, whom are as beneficial to me as I am to them. That I could just blend in. But that doesn't seem to happen. Instead, people need their hands held, everything slowly explained, etc. Which I don't mind.

What I do mind, is that most people, become very uncomfortable when they start to realize that I'm smarter than they are. Most people, when very uncomfortable, act like animals.

Keep in mind, I always aim to benefit those around me, trying to improve their lives and mental health. Infact, I've literally volunteered over 2500 hours, helping families, animals, and the elderly. Improving the world. Those whom I love, I protect and lead.

But people whom don't know me, whom haven't watched me constantly improve their lives for years? All they see is someone they don't understand, doing things they don't understand, and gaining social influence. Most people equate confusion with helplessness, and that with pain. Thus, my being the source of their confusion, they equate me with pain.

Then I get to deal with these idiots behaving as idiots do: fucking up everything. But, they specifically aim their rampaging incompetence at me. This has been a constant theme throughout my adulthood. The secret curse of intelligence that none of us mention, because hearing it would upset those blessed idiots even more.

So, here I am, looking for a submissive partner. I hope a person - desiring to be submissive - can appreciate rather than merely fear my intellect. I hope they can – comfortably – see me as someone to learn from, rather than someone to be jealous of. Someone to envy and emulate rather than hate. I hope that, over time, I can turn them into my equal.

That gargantuan problem aside, keep in mind that I'm not a fucking god. I might understand more about people, the world, and life in general, than most people ever do. I might have so much self-understanding and control that zen masters would give me a respectful nod. I might stare down large, hard men with mere annoyance. But I'm only human.

I'm poor, I cannot be your sugardaddy – nor would I choose to be, had I the money. I'm a little fat and definitely outta shape. Don't have a big dick. I was depressed, pretty much the last 3 years – and still am a bit. I smoked cigarettes for 17 years. What else? Pffft. Nothing I'd label as serious, but you can grill me if you choose. My blog [link in profile] has nearly my entire life in it. I'll tell you the rest when I trust you.

Again, mental capacity aside, I'm actually very normal. Infact, aside from thinking awesome shit, I spend my freetime just dicking around. And I like it that way. I play video games, read, watch shows, listen to music, jerk off, cook, build shit, meditate. I don't plan to get involved with the world, except when I need to be.

If you and I got together, our time would be spent living a slow, private, comfortable life. Kinda boring, to people who think society has value. Me, I prefer keeping my mind in more productive places. And I'd love it if someone joined me.

As to the d/s side to our relationship, honestly I just want someone who appreciates having a partner who's stronger than them. I won't to be doing everything alone, you'll need to always be helping, but I've got no problem taking the lead. And I'd be happy to school you in the ways of being a badass – wouldn't be a good partner if I didn't work the bitch out of you.

If you want said schooling to include the d/s punishment and reward system, it wouldn't be remotely difficult. Sexually, if you want me to push you around, I'd also be more than capable of that. If you don't want that, I'm fine with that too. Oh, and I'm more than happy sharing control of our life together, but you need to earn the right to contribute through god damned good reasoning and planning. I do not allow stupid shit just to spare someone's feelings.

That's all I wanna think about this for now. I'm sure I'll edit this plenty in the future, if that's a possibility. Feel free to talk to me. Oh, right, and check my blog, which is linked in my profile. It's fucking massive, has video of me, etc.
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Real Deal Daddy Dom
What I am seeking will resonate with one in a thousand, but you will know that its you when you read it. Do you have a loud inner child? Do you need boundaries in your life but love to test them? Are you a bit of a brat, cheeky yet obedient, enjoy being a girl, teasingly naughty, fun, have social skills, honest, loyal and monogamous? A little neediness is a good thing. If you like being a Princess, giggling, coloring , playing with your stuffies, watching Disney movies, snuggling, blankies, cute clothes, having your hand held when you cross the street, sitting on Daddy's lap and getting spanked when you are naughty- this is for you.

I am a Daddy Dom by nature new to Southwest Florida seeking a Little/Sub. Charming, handsome, mature, gregarious and fun Daddy type. Dominate, not domineering. There is a difference. I have had two previous DD/LG relationships and both were great successes. I know how to be gentle when needed and rough when wanted-but to be there always. I am fully involved in the lifestyle, not just the sexual aspects. A nice balance of the kink side and the nurture side to support the woman you are in the world and the personal needs within your Sub space. That part of you that is hard to give to anyone else - or that no man was able to bring out in you. Few bonds are as strong and fulfilling as the connection between a skillfully confident Daddy and a loving receptive Princess. This is a serious relationship opportunity with potential live in.

So Princess, if you are the one in thousand with whom this resonates I want you because you are different, not like anyone else.
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Need a slave
need an obedient slave for a strict dom.age doesnt matter,must be female,and must be obedient.if your interested message me for further instructions
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Throwing a line
Hello reader,

I want to first thank you for reading this. It is always important to praise. I am 22 year old male seeking woman 18-30. It can be either online or IRL. I am open to it being either long or short term depending on how the two of us mesh. As to the style of my dom side, I can be strict in punishments but also generous in rewards. While I'm willing to do 24/7 and am not a stranger to it, I prefer to only take on the persona at night. While playing, my likes are below, but I do want to stress two things. Consent and understanding. As a dom, it is my duty to understand my sub, that way I may take them to the heights of pleasure no matter the circumstance or discipline them appropriately regardless of the situation. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Likes: Bondage, pet play, slave play, orgasm control, domination, humiliation, anal, and some public challenges. Please note that all of these are up for discussion, while I will pursue my own desires, I will not be foolish to disrespect if you are not comfortable with one of the above and will work to find a compromise that benefits us both. For limits, essentially if the act is illegal or could result in a visit to the hospital, than its a no go.
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Looking for a sub, a little slut
In few words:
I want a sub willing to serve me and satisfy my needs. A toy I can use and a little girl I can take care of.

In a bit more detail, I’m looking for a sub who can satisfy my desire to dominate and humiliate. I want a sub who not only accepts but also enjoys being under my control.
As a Dom I want to be in charge, mold my sub as I see fit and assume the responsibility of taking care of her.

I will guide and show you the path to follow. Not only that but I will also be at your side while you follow such path, looking after you at the same time as pushing you to go further. I want to take control of you, be aware of each one of your steps and teach you how to serve and satisfy my needs. I want to give a purpose to your submission while ensuring you don’t move away from the path I decided for you.

Either if this is your first time or you already have some experience, I want to learn about you to both understand your needs and see what you have to offer. You are a blank canvas and I want to see how much can I push you to create something beautiful, but I can only do that with your commitment and sincerity. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings or doubts. As said, I want to be in charge, guiding and helping you during the process because at the end we share a common goal.

I wave a kind side that wants to take care of you and make you feel comfortable so you can trust me and fully enjoy with your submission. On the other hand, my sadistic side enjoys with humiliation and degradation. I want to turn you into my toy, my little slut. I may verbally degrade you to the point you feel worthless or dehumanize you, perhaps treating you as a piece of furniture. I will take control of some aspects of your life, give you rules to follow and the discipline required to keep you on track. I will give you a path to follow and procure you don’t move too far from it.

Even if you are a brat looking for a firm hand, a sub needing to fill your desire to submit, a woman wanting to spice up your life or a shy girl still figuring out if this is your place you can contact me. You can ask me any question you may have and if you express your desire to be my sub we will discuss about the terms of the relationship and see if we can be a good match.
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Seeking a Fully Submissive Girl that desires a Master/Lover
I need someone who will prioritize me over themself. I enjoy control over all else; and will choose what she wears, what to improve, and other things that would make her my ideal girl. I want a long term relationship, for her to be patient, reliable, respectful, and maintain an unwavering loyalty and commitment to me. Another preference I have, is for her to be an introvert. And to be more than satisfied with my company for not only sexual, but even platonic needs. I don't have too many physical hangups, but I do prefer pale skin, straight hair, and a lean body. Also, for her nose and lips to not be too big or small, essentially inconspicuous.

As for me, I'm an introverted loner who prefers home over other places. My hobbies include videogames, internet content, music, and the like. I'm also always improving my strength, health, and sexual ability. I've got a decent muscle mass, but still some fat to trim. I also have a fairly hairy body, though I do trim some areas that bother me. My stats are approximately: 5'6" height, 190lb, 8" cock, 25 years old, and mostly Hispanic. Currently, I make a decent amount, but am saving for potential training fees for a better job. I do have a vehicle, don't live alone, but do have options in mind when the time comes. When I feel like you're real and have potential, I'm fine with showing myself. For now, people tend to say I look handsome and young, so take that as you will.

To clarify, I don't want someone who's going to come in with expectations and comparisons. This is about what I personally want and need. If that's a problem, by all means keep scrolling. I want my girl to be happy, but I know what I want, and what she wants should complement that, not contradict it. That being said, I am willing to work around things like weight issues, acne, distance, or some other technically mendable issue. I value effort and willpower over unearned good fortune. For now, it's in my best interest to keep things long distance. Though the end goal of course, would be to bring you over to me for a true relationship.

What I Need in A Response:

- Confirmation that you read everything.

- 1-3 pics showing your face and body (Or a good desc. of yourself if that makes you too uncomfortable for now.)

- How close you are to meeting my standards

- Your age

- How many guys you've been with previously

- How clean or dirty you are (STD-wise)

- Basic financial status
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Dom looking for sub
I’m a 26 year old Dom living in NC. I’m looking for a in state (or relatively close by) sub. Willing and able to train new subs. Looking for ltr with right sub. Ask any questions you may have.
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Daddy’s Guidance
It’s 18 days left until Christmas. Rather you’ve been nice or naughty. I wanna talk to you nice & do some very naughty things to you
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So much more than 50 Shades
Me just your average guy next door type with a great occupation, circle of friends and happy in my life. Anything I want I work for as nothing is ever handed to us.............very tall standing 64 with a strong build at 260lbs, brown hair and eyes sometimes sporting a goa-tee with a wide variety of interests in and out of the lifestyle content and looking for someone to share that dynamic with both in and out of a bd ds sm content. If you are just looking for a bd ds sm dynamic that is fine too...lets discuss it and see where we land.

Sorry no photo simply due to occupational reasons. I have one of those jobs where all social media is checked, finances, credit status etc Although into the bd ds sm content, I am very extreme. I define myself as a Master and Sadist. I am not a daddy or a dominant please know the difference.

I have been active in the bd ds sm lifestyle for over 2 decades and have become very experienced and enjoy pushing the mind and body. I am a very physical and intense individual looking for an equally intense submissive / slave who wants to have her mind and body pushed. You will go far beyond simple bondage and spanking, I will push your limits but never cross the line of pre-defined limits. As for limits I share the normal limits of most sane and respectful but enjoy bondage, tight bondage, suspension, gags, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, fisting, breath play, lead and leash, fire play, electric play, needle play, use of tens unit, cage play, impact play, whips, canes, crops, paddles, hair pulling and the list is really endless outside of the hard limits which will be discussed and established.... how are are you willing to go???

When I am using the flogger or cane and you feel you are about to collapse are you the kind to tap our or beg me to continue and not stop till I am satisfied and happy....when you are put into a group - gang bang and feel your body is going to explode from being used by countless friends and dont have another breath in you are you going to tap out or tell me you want more.....when you are denied orgasm after orgasm are you going to tap out because your body can not take the tease anymore or beg me to use you to complete exhaustion....I can go on and on but you get the idea You need to submit physically and Mentally - Yes you, that is why you are reading this. You want to feel helpless... dominated... NOT in control. you want to give yourself fully, without thought of saying no.

You are a very normal women, but feel constrained by your routine, your family life and fear of judgment. You are frustrated by your inability to realize your innermost sexual fantasies. Of course you want to be spanked, restrained and many other things, and want to be ordered around, told how to please and be controlled, you know in your heart you are - And you are getting aroused just thinking about this now.

I look forward to speaking to those who are true and sincere in exploring the mental and physical aspects of this dynamic. both in and out of a bd ds sm setting Please read my posting careful. 1 - i am not for the faint of heart 2- read and understand what I am into and want, I will expect you to be into the same, if you are not or not willing to explore all I have listed we will not be a good match Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you
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A partner for online
I'm not very complex and have one goal in mind I'm looking for someone who needs to be dominated not wants it I mean needs and craves it a way of life an part of them.

I will take on partners 18-99 everyone welcome but I am not bi so woman only.

I want to know you I want to get inside your head and not only be your dom but to be someone you trust in and look forward to hearing from because the act of submission is not a right to a Dom it is a gift and I strongly believe that all gifts should be respected and cherished.

Please feel free to love my profile or message me directly I'm not shy and I don't bite hard that is ;) can't wait to hear from you soon
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Slaves Only - No Subs
Slave, go and read my profile. If interested, drop me a line. I've been waiting for you.

If you don't meet my requirements, please don't contact me. Thank you.
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I'm a new age hippie mountain man looking for my little mountain girl.
Seeking a girl that wants to develop good life skills and work hard to get what she wants out of life ! Want to learn gardening, 420 grow, off grid tiny house living, wild crafting, medicinal plants, sustainable living.
My idea of a great day: up early, pack a lunch, go 4wheeling, hike to a fishing spot catch dinner, go home and lay around the shanty put a good buzz on.
No shit I want a girl that will work side by side with me, making good income so we can enjoy fun times when we're off.
As far as BDSM aspect is concerned ...
I'm a mentor type Dom that likes to teach and train my girl for her improvement as a person. I'm not sadistic,as far as enjoying inflicting punishment. I am firm and expect consensual control. I'm quite good with restraints, toys, reward/denial, always respect limits.
I do want a girl that's willing to relocate and live together. For how long ??? I'm not a believer in forever relationships!
I believe that two people can be together in a monogomaous relationship, while it's good and healthy for both parties. When it gets to the point of moving on both know it, just don't seem to be honest with each other and theirselves.
If I meet a student on summer break that's interested in spending the summer great. Perhaps things would go well and we can do it again over Christmas break,next summer... If not as long as we communicate both our needs, fine. If I meet a girl that wants longer term, and we get along well and communicate, that's great too.
I am 57, and do want a much younger girl. I like to teach and mentor, I like watching the look on your face when you learn something new. No preference on race, unless you race me to the freezer and get the ice cream first. I am a slim athletic build, and I do want a similar body type in my gf.
If you might be interested, I'd love to chat and see if we would get along.
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Online play
I’m looking for a dedicated online slave to serve me. Experience is not required, only commitment and effort. Message me to discuss further preferably younger than 30 years old
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FIRM yet Loving Romantic Respectful Master Desires Unique submissive
My name is Master David Paul.
I live in Columbus, Ohio.
I am 6’2”, 220-lbs, athletic build with sandy brown hair and blue eyes.

Wise King Solomon once wrote that, “…the love of a good woman is worth all the RICHES of the WORLD!” I AGREE with his words; however, IF that woman was “submissive” she would be even more TREASURED!!

A TRUE submissive is like a beautiful, seductive damsel that her Master loves and cherishes when He gazes into her soulful eyes! her submission, when trained and nurtured correctly, is truly a blessed, honored, celebrated and cherished GIFT!


William Shakespeare once wrote, “to thine own self be true”.

I am desirous of finding a special and unique woman who truly desires to be “true to her inner feelings” of submission and longings to find her true existence, purpose, pleasure and fulfillment in life. To explore her true, inner and submissive needs and desires.

Perhaps you feel somehow “incomplete” or “hollow” and, although maybe not knowing much about B/D and D/s, you SECRETLY DESIRE to find a loving yet firm Master to help you explore your secret, inner role of submission.

Perhaps a woman who truly longs to start out very SLOWLY, CAREFULLY and CAUTIOUSLY with a Master for the FIRST time in her life. An inquisitive, sweet woman who craves love, attention and longs to be released into her inner roles of her being “naturally submissive”.

To provide you with the discipline, training and sexual passion you need in your growth while showing you value, respect and the true worth for the “beautiful” woman you are-both INSIDE and OUTSIDE!

To emerge within you the VERY BEST submissive you can become, while at the same time, bringing you to NEW HEIGHTS of LOVE, PLEASURE and ECSTASY!
However; as a Master, I will REWARD you when you have done WELL and PUNISH you when you have NOT!

A TRUE MASTER realizes the uniqueness of a submissive’s devotion and that her submission is a “gift” that she willingly bestows to her Master whom she deems worthy of her “treasured gift”.

I have always been Dominant in My life, without being arrogant, conceited or self-absorbed. I also have the utmost love and respect for women. I am seeking just ONE devoted, loyal and faithful submissive. Perhaps, such a mutual connection would even lead to a long-term commitment.

I have a very Professional demeanor and Presidential side, wearing a tie and jacket, and yet as comfortable in My black leather pants and paratrooper boots as in My jeans and O.S.U. sweat shirt. I don’t smoke, just socially drink (never get drunk), don’t do drugs and have NEVER been in trouble with the law.
A Master must ALWAYS be in control of Himself….to be worthy of the “gift” of a woman’s submission.

I want YOU to know that I KNOW you have “limits”…you have “questions”…you have “fears”…you want to be “safe”.

I truly understand, appreciate and respect your feelings and emotions. I take them very seriously!!

(PLEASE DO NOT WORRY if you are NEW or FEEL INEXPERIENCED in this lifestyle. I completely understand, appreciate and respect that and will lovingly and gently train you accordingly. Also, PLEASE DO NOT WORRY if you have EXTRA WEIGHT or pounds. I personally think a Rubinesque, or Renoir figured woman, with thicker hips, thighs and butt is very, very attractive.)

I realize that you cannot write to Me if you aren’t a “Premium” member….but, please, don’t let that from stopping you. If you “love” My profile, I can see you are interested in Me, and We can go from there.

I hope you are having a very beautiful Fall and holiday season!

Thank you, again, for reading My profile.

Master David Paul
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Looking for a submissive woman for online training.
I am looking for a submissive woman who is willing to be instructed online, you will send "proof" of carrying out your tasks, if you are curious and willing to be obedient - get in touch.
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