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Experienced Master seeking Committed slave
I've over 20 years of experience, looking to train a new girl for a long time collar. I'm heavily focused on behavioral conditioning, and TPE. This will require Relocation as I am not a part time or scene Master.
-Be Well
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Sensual Domminant Gentleman North West U.K Seeks Submissive Lady
English Gentleman Sensual Dominant seeks Submissive lady to meet up with for mutual interests .I am an intelligent ,respectful and respected gentleman interested in sensual dominance with a submissive lady but also a social vanilla side with everyday interests,travelling,eating out socialising etc.
Lots of interests and interesting with good conversation , with fun and humour ,kind and warm but strict...
Please send a message to chat anytime x
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dominant man looking for submissive girls!
hello I am a very strict dominant man looking for submissive girls, cuckold couples for bondage fun, spankingI have over 36 years in experiences, you must host near me and have all party favorites! your size does not matter to me !if you have no experiences or little experiences please don’t worry and I love shy girls to so don’t be ashamed of that! I will trained all ! we can discuss what more is! you age is between 18-60 will consider older! you need to be trustworthy and real! I have no time for games! If you have any questions please feel free to ask? I will answer all who will reply! have a wonderful day!
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Real Deal Daddy Dom
What I am seeking will resonate with one in a thousand, but you will know that its you when you read it. Do you have a loud inner child? Do you need boundaries in your life but love to test them? Are you a bit of a brat, cheeky yet obedient, enjoy being a girl, teasingly naughty, fun, have social skills, honest, loyal and monogamous? A little neediness is a good thing. If you like being a Princess, giggling, coloring , playing with your stuffies, watching Disney movies, snuggling, blankies, cute clothes, having your hand held when you cross the street, sitting on Daddy's lap and getting spanked when you are naughty- this is for you.

I am a Daddy Dom by nature new to Southwest Florida seeking a Little/Sub. Charming, handsome, mature, gregarious and fun Daddy type. Dominate, not domineering. There is a difference. I have had two previous DD/LG relationships and both were great successes. I know how to be gentle when needed and rough when wanted-but to be there always. I am fully involved in the lifestyle, not just the sexual aspects. A nice balance of the kink side and the nurture side to support the woman you are in the world and the personal needs within your Sub space. That part of you that is hard to give to anyone else - or that no man was able to bring out in you. Few bonds are as strong and fulfilling as the connection between a skillfully confident Daddy and a loving receptive Princess. This is a serious relationship opportunity with potential live in.

So Princess, if you are the one in thousand with whom this resonates I want you because you are different, not like anyone else.
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No BS Personal Ad read below: M/s Dynamic, TPE
Hello All,

My name is Deus as you can probably tell from my username.

I am looking for a sub to start online and possibly move to a full time live in situation. I am looking for a slave not a sub not a lg but a slave what i am looking for is someone who is willing to give everything to me their entire heart soul and existense. Now before you run screaming due to that requirement I do not expect that right away I have no problem taking it slow, In fact I prefer to do so because that way both you and I know what we're getting into and no one gets hurt. In that kind of dynamic it is very important that we are compatiable in personality, temperment, sexual attractiveness, and discipline. Honestly if I dont find you attractive or vice versa there is no way this is going to work same goes for personality and temperment if we can't get along and understand whats expected of us whats the point? Let me tell you my kinks in this ad to save you some time. List is below (this is from a Dom Perspective):

Anal, Light Bondage, Heavy Bondage, Long-term Bondage, Degredation, Body-writing, Hypnosis, Subliminals, Pavlovian Conditioning, Flooging, Whipping, Spanking, Hitting, Slapping, Milking, Fellatio, Forced, Fellatio, Facials, Rough/Primal Sex, Mounting, Face Fucking, Forced Orgasm, Edging, Orgasm Denial, Humiliation, Name-Calling, Choking, Toys, Gags, Begging, General Worshipping, Pet Play, Nipple Clamps, Hot Wax, Genital Slapping, Clothes Pins, Collars, Clothing Control, Public Control, Spontaneous Sex, Forced Arusal / Wetness.

Now you know what I am into and what I would want you to be ok with if you are interested in a partnership with me. You've seen my kinks now let me tell you about myself. I am 25 I have a full time job that pays decently, I regularly go to my local gym i keep myself in shape and I expect you too as well, I am 6'3 and about 190lbs, I have brown hair and blue eyes. As a Dom I am fair I will NOT punish you for nothing if I am punishing you its for a reason, and my punishments are very different than the kinks above, I believe that creative punishments seperate from my kinks sets it apart and makes more of an impact.

What I am looking for in a sub physically, first of all I am looking for a female not a male or an MTF transgender person, I do not care about hair and eye color I have penchant for natural red heads and blondes but I am not opposed to any hair color over the other. I am looking for a White, Asian, Latina, or Light skinned mediteranean woman (If you are wondering what i mean by light skinned mediterean woman look at Mia Khalifa that is what I mean). I have no desire towards a black or dark skinned woman I'm not racist but I Just do not find them aesthetically or physically attractive. I am also looking for a woman that keeps herself in shape an Athletic or slim body type is what I am looking for no you do not have to be a 2 or 0 or 00 I dont have those extreme standards. Do not expect me to support you while we are online as I am not made of money and I have no garuntee that you wont just take my money and ghost me.

One of my biggest pet peeves is Ghosting, If you ghost or have the tendency to do so don't even bother reaching out to me, If you are not interested in talking or no longer find this dynamic conducive for you just tell me I wont try to keep you or accost you. Also I work most days so I really dont have time to play games none of this "Oh, I leave him on read" or "I told him no, but i just want him to try harder" I will not play those games Its a waste of my time and I am very patient and am not desperate for a partner. Tell me what you want straight up and be honest I have and this ad and everything will just work out better as I am not a mind reader.


P.S. If you read this Multi-paragraph ad and send me a message that just says hey I will most likely not respond because you obviously dont have the drive to put in the work.
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Are you Daddy's Princess?
You want to learn, explore, be spoiled and cherished as daddy's little princess...

I'm seeking an inexperienced girl who is interested in the lifestyle of being devoted to her Dom, who is between 18-25 yrs old and very submissive by nature.

I am a 33 yr old, very fit and successful marketing executive who lives in Dallas, Texas and travels often. I am seeking something real, physical and mentally stimulating, long-term with the right girl who is open-minded to being molded into the perfect princess for her Daddy.

If you are curious, send Daddy a message.
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Breeding slave
You heard me, I'm looking for someone who wants to be breed for the sole purpose of being my slut and onahole.
You will live with me and be my live-in breeding slut.
I will tie you up and fuck you every day, all of your body will be mine to use as I see fit.
You will be naked 24-7 and used when I feel like it, in the shower, sleeping and even when you go to the bathroom.
The only time you'll have to yourself is when I'm not home. I intend to fuck you every day and leave with toys inside you to keep you ready for me

This is for serious slaves only
Please read my profile for more details
Serious inquiries only
Must be willing to relocate
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What motivates you as a Sub to seek a Sensual Dominant Man?
I’m a very sensual yet mental dominant man looking for a submissive to call my own, to please my needs and be rewarded if they were good, not into bratz, no exceptions. I’m a firm yet very fair dom, you follow my rules and orders and I will reward you. You disobey me and you will be punished. Right now while I still think about the right connection - a woman who likes a man to be something nurturing, caring, kind and consistent.For the right man/connection she will find herself willing to give everything of myself, it is where she finds herself the happiest when I she is in that space, that flow of energy exchange, when she is giving & receiving everything. There is something incredibly beautiful, breathtaking, deep & powerful within that. I love the intensity, the focus.. What else is important to me? Someone who can take personal responsibility for themselves, Someone who is willing to give their all & prove they are worth my giving them everything.
A bit about me as a dom:
- I don’t care what age / size / shape you are, if we have a connection that doesn’t matter to me.
- I might be firm with my rules and instruction, but I am still understanding. If you are my submissive I will care for you, listen to your troubles and be there for you.
- I AM NOT INTO CYBER INSTRUCTION - TO ME PHONE - IN PERSON  IS K E Y- I strive to never be unfair or unjust towards ANY submissives and my decisions regarding them.
- I will do everything in my power as your Dom to put you at ease and to ENCOURAGE YOU be the best version of yourself.

I love to overstimulate my submissives sometimes. I love using VERBAL COMMANDS on my submissives. — of course,
The right submissive cares ultimately about her man, not what he has, or doesn't have, or what he can do for her.  
The right submissive will never threaten to, or take her love away from him, no matter whether they are together or apart.  
The right submissive will be ready to be his friend, his best friend and will show him love and tenderness within that, if that's what he needs the most, then that will be her utmost concern in those times.  
The right submissive will always naturally hold space for  the man she loves, adores, worships, honors and cares about. The point is she feels like that about him naturally, not because he told her to.  
The right submissive will be ready to face the worst times with him, at his side.  
The right submissive will always be ready to hear her daddy & dominant calling out his need for her & will answer that call because it's her instinctive reaction on a soul level. 
There is more to say, but the rest I’ll leave for those truly interested in getting to know me.
If you can relate - yes lets talk :0)
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Looking for a real, verifiable kik/snap sub to dominate, punish, and motivate
Hello. I am not looking for a daddy/daughter type. I am looking for a girl I can tame/discipline. I would love to chat first and see how we match up. Rules and tasks can be established, punushments will be tailored to you so that you know to behave. Your goal should be to please me as I ask. As this would be virtual, you will need to self-administer pleasure or pain as I see fit. If you are a student, or have fitness/weight loss aspirations and need a strong hand to keep you on task, I am happy to do that. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Experienced Dom seeking a sub/slave in the central ark area
Looking for a submissive girl in the Conway/little rock arewho knows this is what she wants. Tho area I'm open on.

I'm preferably looking for a girl who wants to submit fully to a Dom and does or does not need training.

I am a sadist by nature but over the years I've learned how to channel that and overall I enjoy most kinks.

Tell me about your self and your limits and kinks as well as what your looking for in the first message dear
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33M looking for real natural young submissive F for long term relationship and more.
Good evening,

I am young man with broken soul and heart. But are we all like that? I also have depression and bipolar. But with that I also got dominant personality. I do have opinion about everything. I do like to teach or advice for less experienced individuals in life etc. So for me it seems that instincts are calling to make family. And that`s good, I did wanted family from young age. Never founded the right one. And now with age came some kinks in to my life. So even more hard to find better half of my self. But here we go:
I am in look for submissive female. Young, petite(I am attracted to small petite women). I do look for a woman who are willing to relocate then time comes. But in general - not in big rush. So if you are first timer here, you are afraid, shy. You even have no friends, broken family? But now you crave for guidance? try to send me a message. I do not bite.

Rather than that - thanks for your time and stay safe.

Dark M.
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Smart dom male seeking sub female.
Hi there. I'm new to the scene, but old to being a dominant person. That is to say: I've never had a relationship labeled as d/s, but they've always ended up that way. And in groups, I tend to end up in charge. I've never aimed for that to happen.

Nevertheless, it always damned does. Personally, I wish to be surrounded by equals, whom are as beneficial to me as I am to them. That I could just blend in. But that doesn't seem to happen. Instead, people need their hands held, everything slowly explained, etc. Which I don't mind.

What I do mind, is that most people, become very uncomfortable when they start to realize that I'm smarter than they are. Most people, when very uncomfortable, act like animals.

Keep in mind, I always aim to benefit those around me, trying to improve their lives and mental health. Infact, I've literally volunteered over 2500 hours, helping families, animals, and the elderly. Improving the world. Those whom I love, I protect and lead.

But people whom don't know me, whom haven't watched me constantly improve their lives for years? All they see is someone they don't understand, doing things they don't understand, and gaining social influence. Most people equate confusion with helplessness, and that with pain. Thus, my being the source of their confusion, they equate me with pain.

Then I get to deal with these idiots behaving as idiots do: fucking up everything. But, they specifically aim their rampaging incompetence at me. This has been a constant theme throughout my adulthood. The secret curse of intelligence that none of us mention, because hearing it would upset those blessed idiots even more.

So, here I am, looking for a submissive partner. I hope a person - desiring to be submissive - can appreciate rather than merely fear my intellect. I hope they can – comfortably – see me as someone to learn from, rather than someone to be jealous of. Someone to envy and emulate rather than hate. I hope that, over time, I can turn them into my equal.

That gargantuan problem aside, keep in mind that I'm not a fucking god. I might understand more about people, the world, and life in general, than most people ever do. I might have so much self-understanding and control that zen masters would give me a respectful nod. I might stare down large, hard men with mere annoyance. But I'm only human.

I'm poor, I cannot be your sugardaddy – nor would I choose to be, had I the money. I'm a little fat and definitely outta shape. Don't have a big dick. I was depressed, pretty much the last 3 years – and still am a bit. I smoked cigarettes for 17 years. What else? Pffft. Nothing I'd label as serious, but you can grill me if you choose. My blog [link in profile] has nearly my entire life in it. I'll tell you the rest when I trust you.

Again, mental capacity aside, I'm actually very normal. Infact, aside from thinking awesome shit, I spend my freetime just dicking around. And I like it that way. I play video games, read, watch shows, listen to music, jerk off, cook, build shit, meditate. I don't plan to get involved with the world, except when I need to be.

If you and I got together, our time would be spent living a slow, private, comfortable life. Kinda boring, to people who think society has value. Me, I prefer keeping my mind in more productive places. And I'd love it if someone joined me.

As to the d/s side to our relationship, honestly I just want someone who appreciates having a partner who's stronger than them. I won't to be doing everything alone, you'll need to always be helping, but I've got no problem taking the lead. And I'd be happy to school you in the ways of being a badass – wouldn't be a good partner if I didn't work the bitch out of you.

If you want said schooling to include the d/s punishment and reward system, it wouldn't be remotely difficult. Sexually, if you want me to push you around, I'd also be more than capable of that. If you don't want that, I'm fine with that too. Oh, and I'm more than happy sharing control of our life together, but you need to earn the right to contribute through god damned good reasoning and planning. I do not allow stupid shit just to spare someone's feelings.

That's all I wanna think about this for now. I'm sure I'll edit this plenty in the future, if that's a possibility. Feel free to talk to me. Oh, right, and check my blog, which is linked in my profile. It's fucking massive, has video of me, etc.
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Dominant male looking for a willing submissive female
I’m new to the area and I’m looking for a submissive to do any and everything that I tell her to do
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Experienced Master
With more than 30 years in this lifestyle I feel justified in saying that I am very experienced in many aspects of this lifestyle.

I can be the sweetest, most caring Master you could ever desire. I can be the vanilla man you need around your family and friends (those who are not in the lifestyle already).

On the other hand, I can be the most severe Master you only dreamed of. I am well versed in ways to handle unruly and selfish women who feel the need to find their true place in this world.
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I'm interested in being a switch seeking submissive willing to do some dominate things when ordered to
I am seeking a submissive girl to be mine I'll tie you up and eat your pussy for hours at a time and make you orgasm twenty times in a row. You'll have to blow me some but basically every single boner I plan to bury inside you gently I'll thrust slowly fucking you I'll cum quick but I will have a second load before I'm soft. Plus I will have you sucking on my dick when it dies of exhaustion lol and I'll fuck you again and again every boner I get I'm going to be in you. I may be young but I can get hard I'd bet we'll over ten times a day..... Beyond those three things I will command we get kinky I'll command you to dominate me for this long each day. I'll expect you peg my ass make me worship your feet spit and piss on me while I'm under your controll for a few hours a day maybe some other stuff I hope someone submissive or that's switch enjoys this and messages me
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So much more than 50 Shades
Me just your average guy next door type with a great occupation, circle of friends and happy in my life. Anything I want I work for as nothing is ever handed to us.............very tall standing 64 with a strong build at 260lbs, brown hair and eyes sometimes sporting a goa-tee with a wide variety of interests in and out of the lifestyle content and looking for someone to share that dynamic with both in and out of a bd ds sm content. If you are just looking for a bd ds sm dynamic that is fine too...lets discuss it and see where we land.

Sorry no photo simply due to occupational reasons. I have one of those jobs where all social media is checked, finances, credit status etc Although into the bd ds sm content, I am very extreme. I define myself as a Master and Sadist. I am not a daddy or a dominant please know the difference.

I have been active in the bd ds sm lifestyle for over 2 decades and have become very experienced and enjoy pushing the mind and body. I am a very physical and intense individual looking for an equally intense submissive / slave who wants to have her mind and body pushed. You will go far beyond simple bondage and spanking, I will push your limits but never cross the line of pre-defined limits. As for limits I share the normal limits of most sane and respectful but enjoy bondage, tight bondage, suspension, gags, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, fisting, breath play, lead and leash, fire play, electric play, needle play, use of tens unit, cage play, impact play, whips, canes, crops, paddles, hair pulling and the list is really endless outside of the hard limits which will be discussed and established.... how are are you willing to go???

When I am using the flogger or cane and you feel you are about to collapse are you the kind to tap our or beg me to continue and not stop till I am satisfied and happy....when you are put into a group - gang bang and feel your body is going to explode from being used by countless friends and dont have another breath in you are you going to tap out or tell me you want more.....when you are denied orgasm after orgasm are you going to tap out because your body can not take the tease anymore or beg me to use you to complete exhaustion....I can go on and on but you get the idea You need to submit physically and Mentally - Yes you, that is why you are reading this. You want to feel helpless... dominated... NOT in control. you want to give yourself fully, without thought of saying no.

You are a very normal women, but feel constrained by your routine, your family life and fear of judgment. You are frustrated by your inability to realize your innermost sexual fantasies. Of course you want to be spanked, restrained and many other things, and want to be ordered around, told how to please and be controlled, you know in your heart you are - And you are getting aroused just thinking about this now.

I look forward to speaking to those who are true and sincere in exploring the mental and physical aspects of this dynamic. both in and out of a bd ds sm setting Please read my posting careful. 1 - i am not for the faint of heart 2- read and understand what I am into and want, I will expect you to be into the same, if you are not or not willing to explore all I have listed we will not be a good match Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you
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Colorado Dom seeking a live in sub, new or experienced.
I am a 30 year old male Dom who lives in Denver CO.
I am a seeking a female sub of any age who would be willing to be my live in.
You will not be required to pay for any utilities, mortgage, etc.
You won't be made to work, it would be preferred that you don't.
If you are new to this, I will teach you everything to gain control.
If you are experienced, we should be able to acclimate quickly.
If you are not located in Colorado, and we are a good match, I will gladly pay for all of your moving costs.
Anything you want for will be yours, as long as you can demonstrate the understanding of knowing your place and master.
Send me a message today to see if we can get you on a plane tomorrow.
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Seeking The Impossible?
Please read completely and carefully. I know you are out there.
Think about all the cliche riddle profiles you see on Match and Eharmony, then add in, "real and true sub female." In other words, I seek a 'normal' loving, caring long term relationship with a lady (emphasis on 'lady') who is also a true sub. If that sounds contradictory to you then perhaps we are not a match.
I am older and my ideal match is 24 to ?, attractive (a physical attraction must be there) slim to few extras, a well rounded person, well educated, can carry on a conversation, loyal, honest to a fault, has or is seriously seeking a good career she loves (yes, she works and contributes, I'm not a sugar daddy!) has no kids living at home, is willing to possibly relocate, and is not in a hurry to find the right Dom. Most importantly, I am real, you MUST be as well.
I am NOT interested in your explicit pictures, so do not send unless I ask. A couple of nice head and full body pics are welcomed.
If you seek a great lasting, loving relationship (accent on relationship) with a funny, caring, interesting, eclectic, experienced Dom, then message back with your thoughts. Seattle/PNW area a plus but not exclusive. Bi or bi-curious, Scorpios, softball players, book worms, and nerds/geeks go to the head of the line.
Please note, major turnoffs: Loud obnoxious people, smokers/dopers, ladies who get drunk (a bit tipsy is fine, just not falling down loud), overly foul mouthed, overly clingy/needy (you are an individual as well as my sub) liars, game players and antisocial types.
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26 Dominant male seeking Submissive female
Hello and welcome I am 26 m looking for a submissive female who is willing to be owned and trained, maybe online or local I have been in this lifestyle for 2 years now
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New to the scene
I am looking for a younger kitten/sub to take this fun journey together. Looking to have a fun experience that hopefully becomes longterm if we click. I have always had a dominate side and just now free to explore it.
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