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I'm a 58 year old white hetrosexual male,
about six feet tall and  300 lbs. I'm on the larger side but I am losing weight and plan to be drop another 60-80 lbs and I assure you am willing and able to use me entire body to pleasure my partner. I'm a sapiosexual who is looking for an emotional and intellectual connection. 


I'm fairly new to the BDSM lifestyle although I've been practicing in my bedroom for decades. I'm a well read literate professional with three advanced degrees, a great sense of humor looking for one special sub to be owned by me.

I'm your basic tech/history nerd outside of the bedroom.  I enjoy good friends, good food, good books, good moves and good company. I don't do anything beyond drinking alcohol socially but I'm 420 friendly if that is your thing but nothing harder than that please. My main hobbies are walking, working out, reading, old movies and board games.



BDSM and me

I'm a pain dom who enjoys inflicting some pain on my sub. I like resistance and definitely would love to find a brat who needs her dom to break her and enforce rules. I want my sub to enjoy getting pain and enjoy the whole process of being made to submit to her master.


I like enjoy rough foreplay with my partner--i have wrestling and submission fetish. I enjoy a partner who likes a good spanking but I'm also into after care and looking after my partner as well.


Age isn't especially important--I would prefer someone over 25 but will consider anyone over 19 or older and I have a steady job and will consider relocation but if I am going to provide support I would prefer not move


No animals, children, branding, burning, scat, or anything that will send either of us to the hospital, nor am I looking to inflict any trauma on you. 

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I am now single again.
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Aug 5, 2021
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May 22, 2019
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